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Tuesday Jun 12,2018

Gymversary Brynlee-1
Welcome Nancy

FT: TTB, HSPU, Lunge

For Time:
27-21-15-9 rep of:
   Toes to Bar
      Rx2: Knee-ups

*After Each Round:
   10 Handstand Push-ups
      Rx2: Plate + Mat
      Rx3: Flash Push-ups
      Elite: 3' Deficit  
   100′ Front Rack Double KB Lunge
      Rx: 35's/26's
      Rx2: 26's/18's
      Rx3: 10 lb Dumbbells
      Elite: 53's/35's

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1st33:18 Lindsey Gro Tue,Jun 12,2018
2nd15:50 2Rachel Pr Tue,Jun 12,2018
3rd19:58 2Amanda Sc Tue,Jun 12,2018
1st27:30 Toby Tue,Jun 12,2018
2nd30:19 Russell P Tue,Jun 12,2018
3rd30:55 Justin Gro Tue,Jun 12,2018

Amanda Sc19:58 Rx2 kups; lsit db press 15lb; 20lb db lunge
Wendy B30:52 Rx3 k2c/ku's; strict hspu w/25#plate&mat; 3 rnds lunges@20#db's, 1@15#
Alma18:50 Rx3 Knee ups, L-sit DB #10, 18# KBLunges
Melody24:55 Rx3 27 21 ku 15 9 t2b 20# lunges and l sit press
Toby27:30 Rx 53#KB, strict HSPU. Didn’t know deficit was Rx+.
Judy H15:12 Rx3 10# DBs
Walt15:32 Rx3 15# DB press on 3 rounds, 20# on last; BW lounges
Traci20:35 Rx2 combo knee ups/T2B
Michelle S16:39  Sit ups instead of t2b
Erin A24:10 Rx2 mix of T2B/KU, 25# plate + mat, 26# KBL
Lauren Hol19:30 Rx3 knee ups, 20# db L sits + 100' walking lunges
Scott Pa14:38 Rx3 15lb
Dylan R35:30 Rx Elite..slow...53#kb...strict deficit hspu
Dawn M14:53 Rx3 Rx2 knee ups mixed w/toes to bar and plate & mat
Spencer Boy16:00 Rx3 KU; L Sit DB #15; 100 FT #25 Plate OH
Rachel Pr15:50 Rx2 KUs; HSPU w/ #25 Plate; 100FT #25 Plate OH
Leslie24:35 Rx2 knees 2 chest; HSPU/plate; 18lbKB lunge 1000ft
Lindsey Gro33:18 Rx
Justin Gro30:55 Rx Elite, 53#, kipping deficit HSPU
Jeff B31:40 Rx Elite
Nancy17:15 Rx3 15# DB, 100 ft Lunges
Bianca18:17 Rx3
Jennie17:20 Rx3 last Round 15 Air Squat
Abbey22:40 Rx2
Brigitte25:18 Rx3
Russell P30:19 Rx Accidentally did 27 hspu instead of 10 the first round.did 10 the rest of time
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Angie 8:21pm
Way to go, Lindsey! 💪🏼