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Saturday Jun 30,2018

Welcome John Ro & Grant
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Regionals 16.2

Regionals: Time-Rx3
10 Rounds For Time
4 Ring Muscle Ups
           Rx2: Jumping MU (Rings or Bar)
           Rx3: Jumping Chest to Bar
7 Handstand Push-up
           Rx2: 1 Plate and 1 Abmat
           Rx3: Strict Press
12 KB Snatches 53/35
           Rx2: 35/26
           Rx3: 26/18

25 Minute Time Cap
Score 1 sec after Time Cap for every Uncompleted Rep

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Mary Wahlstrom.17:41 Rx3 Jctb, handstand pu, 18#kb
Erin A23:39  RR to turnover, HSPU 45# +mat, 26# KBS
Robby G25:00 Rx2 DNF, had funb, tore hands 5th round muscle ups. :o(
Dawn M17:34 Rx2 Jumping muscle ups
Jennie17:57 Rx3 10 lb kb
Leslie19:03 Rx3 45,15#plate HSPU; ring jumpMU; 18# KBSn
Justin Gro26:32 Rx 6 completed rds
Lindsey Gro26:09 Rx2 7 completed rds;Rx HSPU
John M18:00 Rx3 8 rounds comp
Jeff P22:30 Rx3
Adam B39:49 Rx Tear City
Russ25:00  Ctb, plates plus mat, 50# dB snatch..finished after time cap
Brittany D21:02 Rx3
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