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Monday Jul 2,2018

Gymversary Caroline-4


For Time
50 Chest 2 Bar Pull-ups
     Rx2: Pull-ups
     Rx3: Jumpingin C2B
100 Overhead Squats 75/55
     Rx2: Barbell
     Rx3: PVC Pipe
200 Double Unders
     Rx2: 75 DU or 400 Singles

0% 0%
1st15:57 Angie Mon,Jul 2,2018
2nd15:30Judy H Mon,Jul 2,2018
3rd17:07Lisa J Mon,Jul 2,2018
1st13:17 David O Mon,Jul 2,2018
2nd16:08 Bryan C Mon,Jul 2,2018
3rd16:47 Adam B Mon,Jul 2,2018

Robby G21:19  Tore hands, weighted sit-ups, 75 lbs oh, 400 singles
Andrew S22:42 Rx
Angie15:57 Rx
Toby22:26 Rx Strict C2B (shoulder)
Brian L26:53  RX C2B and OVHS - Singles (105 SOTS 3x3)
Robert S28:10 Rx
Justin Gro30:00 Rx Double unders love me long time
Judy H15:30  rx3, 15# barbell, singles
Walt15:47  Rx3; 30 Banded PUs, 20 C2B; 50 cal row
Larry B26:55 Rx
Taylor Cof20:40  Pull-ups- everything else RX
Russ30:46 Rx Overheads better than expected 👍🏼
Lisa J17:07  Pullups
Grant20:32 Rx
Emily Co22:31  PU; 55#; 75DU
Melissa L20:50  Jumping C2B; #35 OHS; 400 singles
John M26:26  rx2 pullups and single jumprope
David O13:17 Rx
Adam B16:47 Rx
Danielle Born19:38  RX3 did rx 2 with 35# OHS and 400 SU, had to do jumping c@b
Jeff P20:36  rx3
Leslie20:24  RX3 JCB; RX 2 10#barbell & 400 singles
Zach26:05  RX2: PU, 75# OHS, SU
Bryan C16:08 Rx
Tom S23:44  Jumping C2B / 45# OHS / 400 singles
Kim B21:00  Rx3 w/15 lb barbell
Sam W28:40 Rx
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