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Wednesday Jul 4,2018

Welcome David A

Team Manion

2 Person Team
Alpha: 7 Rounds  
  400 m Relay
  29 Back Squats 135/95  

Bravo: 5 Rounds  
  400 m Relay  
  29 Back Squats 95/65  

Charlie: 3 Rounds  
  400 m Relay  
  29 Back Squats 95/65
*Divide 400 m into 200 m Relay
*Divide squats however
**Elite: Clean bars from floor. Wear weight vest

0% 0%
1st28:43 2Lindsey Gro Wed,Jul 4,2018
Brittany D Wed,Jul 4,2018
2nd30:25 2Traci Wed,Jul 4,2018
3rd20:50 3Jennie Wed,Jul 4,2018
1st31:30 +Justin Gro Wed,Jul 4,2018
2nd57:20 +Jeff B Wed,Jul 4,2018
3rd19:00 John M Wed,Jul 4,2018

Jeff B57:20 Rx+ Just me 1st time w/vest and from ground
Walt25:58 Rx With Rob Lord; 100 m runs; 55# squats
Sam W24:55 Rx With music man Dean!
Dean24:55 Rx With Bearded superstar Sam!
Lindsey Gro28:43 Rx2 with Brittany D.
Jeff P26:45 Rx
Traci30:25 Rx2 with Russell
Robert S29:20 Rx with Alma
John M19:00 Rx jeff pell
Justin Gro31:30 Rx+ With Big Captain Heller
Brittany D28:43 Rx2 With Lindsey gross. 7 Rounds
Jennie20:50 Rx3 Bravo with ryan. 35lb squats
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