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Friday Jul 6,2018

Welcome Ryan
Hero: Hero: SissonPush Press 5 x 5

Hero: Sisson

Hero: Rounds-Rx3+
20 min Amrap
1 Rope Climb (15 ft)
5 Burpees (6' Target)
200 meter Run

Rx2: 3 Body Pulls
Rx3: 5 Jumping Rope Climbs

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RoyRx+ 20#VEST!!!!
Erin A body pulls, modified burpee, 250m row
Melissa LRx2 Did 1 RC then arms got tired.
AngieRx+ 14# vest
Justin GroRx+ 20# vest
Brian LRx+ 20# Vest (Rope Climb & Burpees into 8th)
TraciRx2 10 ft climb, 200 row
Toby11 Rx+ +1 RC. Slower-than-normal burpees (separated shoulder) but the rest felt good.
WaltRx2 + Bodu PUs & burpees; 1 rope climb; ran out of gas, too hot & humid
Robby GRx
MelodyRx2 Rope climb to flag
HeatherRx Week 9
Emily CoRx + 1 RC
Spencer BoyRx2
Jeff BRx+
Adam B10 Rx+
Evan L10 Rx2
Kyle MRx2
Tom SRx 1 more than last time
Joan15.00 Rx3
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