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Tuesday Jul 10,2018

Welcome Todd T

Cap25: Row TTB, CL, KBS

25:00 Time Cap
1,500 m Row
      Rx2: 1,000 m Row
5 Rounds of:
   6 Toes to Bar
      Rx2: Knee-ups
   9 Hang Cleans 155/105
      Rx2: 115/75
      Rx3: 75/45
   12 Kettle Bell Swings 53/35
      Rx2: 35/25
      Rx3: 26/18  

*Add 1 sec for each unfinished rep

100% 0%
1st19:18 Angie Tue,Jul 10,2018
2nd22:32 Sheridan Tue,Jul 10,2018
3rd18:17 2Amanda Sc Tue,Jul 10,2018
1st18:57 Bryan C Tue,Jul 10,2018
2nd19:09 Jeff B Tue,Jul 10,2018
3rd20:05 Josh S Tue,Jul 10,2018

Wendy B18:32 Rx2 as written
Amanda Sc18:17 Rx2 as written
Robby G23:45 Rx Whooooo!!!
Roy20:12 Rx
Angie19:18 Rx
Alma21:04 Rx2 1500m row, everything else as written rx2
Paul G22:23 Rx2 1500m row, 44kb
Justin Gro24:20 Rx
Brian L20:53  T2B - 135# HC - 70# RKBS (Low back)
Russ24:37 Rx
Judy H21:20 Rx3 20 cal bike;5 rounds;20 cal bike
Joan21.03 Rx3
Traci19:26 Rx2 T2B
Walt24:19 Rx3 Lost time buying Gatorade; 45# Cleans; 26# KBS
Michelle S31:00 Rx2 all rx except cleans NFT
Erin A24:15 Rx2 Rx except 75#HC
David A26:30 Rx3
Brittany D22:55  1500m row, knees ups, 65# cleans, 35#KBS
Sheridan22:32 Rx T2B, 105# cleans, 53# KB
jennifer how25:00  35# CL, 18 KB, TTB
Amy L20:20 Rx2 1,500 row, 85# cleans, 35# KB, knee ups
Josh S20:05 Rx
Kathryn S25:00 CAP - did only half reps (back) Rx3
Danielle Born20:00 Rx2 1000m row, knee ups, 75# hang clean, 35# KBS
Bryan C18:57 Rx
Leslie19:24 Rx3
Melissa L24:08 Rx3 All RX but HC #55
Dawn M20:22 Rx2 1500m row, knee ups
Marcy19:10 Rx2 1000 m row, knee ups
Dee22:32 Rx 135 ibs hang cleans
Tom S19:53 Rx2
Jennie20:34 Rx3 40 hang clean/18 lb KB
Abbey24:10 Rx3 toes to bar and 1000 row
Brigitte25:09 Rx3 40 lbs
Sam W25:21 Rx2 135 Clean, wasn't feeling it.
Kyle M25:00 Rx3 1500 row, knee ups, 75lb hang cleans, 35lb kb... only just made it to 5th round
Jeff B19:09 Rx
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