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Thursday Jul 12,2018

Happy Birthday Blake
Gymversary Jenny C-2
Welcome Tom Wa

Hero: Blake

Hero: Time-Rx3
4 Rounds
  100 ft Overhead Lunges  45/25
      Rx2: 25/10
      Rx3: Bodyweight
  30 Box Jumps 24/24
      Rx2: 20/18
      Rx3: Step-ups
  20 Wall Balls 20/14
      Rx2: 14/10
  10 Handstand Push-Ups
      Rx2: Plate + Mat
      Rx3: L-Sit DB Press

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Wendy B30:18 Rx3 15#ovl; step-ups; 10#wb; strict hspu's w/25#plate&abmat (July 2013 41:10)
Amanda Sc26:32 Rx3 rx ohl; rx wb
Jeff R31:05 Rx
Melissa M26:28 Rx2 15# ohl, 20 box jump, 14# wall ball, 35#plate/mat
Roy33:17 Rx2 25# and Plate+Mat
Angie24:54 Rx
Justin Gro34:17 Rx
Brian L33:57 Rx
Alma22:28 Rx3 OL#10, BJ#20,WB #14, Push-ups
Judy H24:20 Rx3 100 ft lunges w/10#,step ups;10# WB;Lsits w10# DB
Joan21.02 Rx3
Walt30:08 Rx3 14# WB; 15# DB
Traci27:36 Rx2 100ft, BJ 20, WB 14#, HSPU 45+10+mat
Brittany D31:23  10# plate, 20” box jumps, 14# WB, flash PUs
Adam B21:36 Rx
Emily Co31:32 Rx
Kathryn S30:59 Rx3
Josh S36:57 Rx
Russell L31:18 Rx2
Dawn M19:35 Rx3 50ft lunges
Leslie24:34 Rx3 BW lunges, HSPU w/plate
Tom Wa22:00  3 rounds rx 3 standards
Erin A27:06 Rx2 Rx except HSPU 45# plate + mat
Robert S34:46 Rx2 RX until last round, plate+mat hspu last round
Larry B36:26 Rx2 rx except hspu on 45 w/25 plates on side
Amanda Sa26:56 Rx2
Russell P31:31 Rx
Tom S30:00 Rx3 3 rds only / 50ft lunges / 14# WB/ 20in BJ / L-sit DB press
Rachel Pr25:00 Rx2 20 box jump, HSPU with 15# plate
Carlton24:30 Rx2
Abbey28:20 Rx2
Toby28:57 Rx Still nursing this shoulder and knee 🙄 First HSPU since injury though so I’ll take it.
Blake24:36  Shoulder injured: chest plate carry lunge, goblet squats, box jumps, ring rows
Grant28:30 Rx
Heather24:55 Rx HS PU #55 plate
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