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Wednesday Sep 12,2018

2-Amrap14: Row, Run, RD, RC

14:00 Amrap
250 m Row
Max Reps Ring Dips
        Rx2: Parallel Box Dips
        Rx3: Tricep Dips
        Rx+: Medball 14/10
   *Row after each break in reps

Rest 3:00  

14:00 Amrap
200 m Run
2 Rope Climbs
       Rx2: 3 Body Pulls  
       Rx3: 4 Knee-ups
       Rx+: 1 Legless Rope Climb        

Score = RD + RC reps

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TodayAll Time

Judy H75 Rx3 60 bench dips;15 body pulls
Erin A118 Rx3 100 tricep dips + 18 body pulls
Walt65 Rx3 50 bench dips; 15 body pulls
Toby183 Rx3 175 bench dips (shoulder), 8 legless RCs with medball
Justin Gro66 Rx+
Dylan R63 Rx all w/ 20# vest; one legless RC; (52 RD/11 RC)
Sheridan???? Rx2 box dips and rope climbs. Really need to work on not losing count.
Adam B48 Rx+ Had to leave early with about 7 min left...overall felt weak:(
Sam W28 Rx
Tom S14 Rx 6 RC / 8 RD
Larry B67 Rx 55 ed, 12 rc
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