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Friday Sep 14,2018

FT: Run, BS, BPTabata DL, Ladder HSPU, Chins

FT: Run, BS, BP

For Time
  800 m Run
    21 Back Squats
    21 Bench Press 135/75
        Rx2: 95/65
        Rx3: 65/45
  600 m Run
    15 Back Squats
    15 Bench Press 155/95
        Rx2: 115/75
        Rx2: 75/55
  400 m Run
     9 Back Squats  
     9 Bench Press 185/105
        Rx2: 135/85
        Rx3: 95/65

*Clean the Back Squats form the floor

0% 0%
1st16:41 Lisa J Fri,Sep 14,2018
2nd21:37 Emily Co Fri,Sep 14,2018
3rd17:58 2Angie Fri,Sep 14,2018
1st16:29 John Ro Fri,Sep 14,2018
2nd16:44 Andrew S Fri,Sep 14,2018
3rd17:44 Bryan C Fri,Sep 14,2018

Andrew S16:44 Rx
Wendy B29:54 Rx2 As written
Amanda Sc19:28 Rx3 as written
Erin A20:22 Rx2 solo at 630am; Thanks, Coach Jeff!
Adam B18:49 Rx
Bryan C17:44 Rx Row—1000/750/500 meters
Alma21:40 Rx2 as written
Brian L29:00 Rx
Melody29:52 Rx2 RX bs 85# bp all rounds
Jason K21:28 Rx
Russ27:30 Rx Prolly spent 5 minutes on the 185 bp 😐
Justin Gro27:13 Rx
Amanda Sa23:23 Rx3 Rx 2.5: 55, 65, 75 BS + 45, 55, 65 Bench
Lisa J16:41 Rx
Eddie22:54 Rx2 Strict Rx2
Casey H20:30 Rx3
John Ro16:29 Rx
Emily Co21:37 Rx
Traci24:13 Rx2
Jeff R21:08 Rx
Sarah S20:45 Rx3
Tom S29:41 Rx3
Sam W28:29 Rx
Angie17:58 Rx2 Rx BS, Bench 75,85,95
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