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Monday Oct 1,2018

Happy Birthday Jeff He
Gymversary Jeff R-5 & Emily Co-4
FG18 Fall: The Box Ain't OverOther Posted Results

FG18 Fall: The Box Ain't Over

2 Person Team
2:00 Amrap
   3 Power Cleans 95/65
      Scaled: 75/55
      Rx3: 65/45
   3 Box Overs 20'

Rest 1:00

2:00 Amrap
   2 Power Cleans 135/95
      Scaled: 105/65
      Rx3: 75/55
   2 Box Overs 20'

Rest 1:00

2:00 Amrap
  1 Power Clean 155/105
       Scaled: 115/85
       Rx3: 95/65
  1 Box Jump Over 20'

*1 Person Works at at time
*Divide reps however
*Score = Total Reps

0% 0%
1st180 Lisa J Mon,Oct 1,2018
Taylor Cof Mon,Oct 1,2018
2nd140 Sheridan Mon,Oct 1,2018
3rd128 Angie Mon,Oct 1,2018
1st180 John Ro Mon,Oct 1,2018
Bryan C Mon,Oct 1,2018
2nd176 Adam B Mon,Oct 1,2018
Toby Mon,Oct 1,2018
3rd163 Russell P Mon,Oct 1,2018

Robby G114 Rx 9,9,12 with Ryan M
Kate B109 Rx2 With Amanda
Amanda Sc109 Rx2 w/ Kate
Adam B176 Rx w/Mighty Tobster
Angie128 Rx w the awesome Melissa Mason (49,45,34)
Russ146 Rx w/ my guy Justin
Danielle Born107 Rx2 partner with Judy
Judy H107 Rx3 partner with Danielle
Justin Gro146 Rx We may have missed counting a few rounds - with Russ 'The Clean Machine' Riggins
Larry B143 Rx with Kisz
Sheridan140 Rx with Coach Jeff!
Toby176 Rx w Adam Boehmer the Barbell Slayer
Amy L161 Rx2 Rack Attack!!
Melissa L161 Rx2 Rack Attack!!
Erin A120 Rx with awesome Emily
Emily Co120 Rx with strong Erin
Brian L118 Rx W/ the birthday boy “give em” Heller
Angela Salazar #122 Rx3 w/Leslie
Leslie122 Rx3 w/ Angela
John Ro180 Rx w/ Bryan C 70/60/50
Bryan C180 Rx w/ John Rose
Taylor Cof180 Rx With Lisa :)
Jason K143 Rx Larry
Lisa J180 Rx With Taylor!
Casey H77 Rx3 With Brandon.
Spencer Boy121 Rx3 w/ Ayelet (45>55>65)
Russell P163 Rx w/ Sam Webb
Brigitte128 Rx3 35, 45, 55
Latrice128 Rx2 55,65,85 with bri
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