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Wednesday Oct 3,2018

Happy Birthday Chaz
Gymversary Amanda Sc-4 & Judy H-4
Back Squats 5 x 3Amrap12: DBS, DUOther Posted Results

Back Squats 5 x 3

5 Rounds
3 Back Squats
   (85 % of 1RM)

0% 0%
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Kate B125 Rx
Erin A155 Rx
Brian L225 Rx Took it easy
Judy H100 Rx
Toby285 Rx (do more next time)
Russ275 Rx Toby’s reps were solid
Brittany D120 Rx
Larry B275 Rx
Melissa L125 Rx
Lisa J255 Rx
Rachel Pr145 Rx Got 2@155
Sarah S140 Rx Built up to it. 1 rep max to 150
Justin Gro305 Rx
Alma125 Rx
Melody125 Rx
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Russ 5:43pm