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Thursday Oct 4,2018

Happy Birthday Lexie
Gymversary Blake-5
FG18 Fall: Synco de ChippoFall FG18: Floater

FG18 Fall: Synco de Chippo

2 Person Team
For Time
20 Synchro Plank Claps  
40 KB Swings 53/35
       Rx2: 44/26
80 Wall Balls 20/14
       Rx2: 14/10  
40 KB Swings 53/35
20 Synchro Burpees  

*Plank Claps and Burpees are Tandem.  
*Divide other movements up however

0% 0%
1st8:38 Rachel Pr Thu,Oct 4,2018
Traci Thu,Oct 4,2018
2nd9:10 Melody Thu,Oct 4,2018
3rd7:30 2Jennie Thu,Oct 4,2018
1st6:57 Russell P Thu,Oct 4,2018
2nd7:36 Robby G Thu,Oct 4,2018
3rd7:52 Toby Thu,Oct 4,2018
Larry B Thu,Oct 4,2018

Robby G7:36 Rx With Matt
Brian L8:08 Rx W/ My mentor Coach Rice
Toby7:52 Rx w Beastly Larry B
Danielle Born9:24 Rx2 Partners with Walt
Walt9:24 Rx2 W/ Danelle; 26# KBS
Jason K10:38 Rx W Julian
Larry B7:52 Rx yes - I slowed Toby down but had a blast!
Melody9:10 Rx w Michelle
Melissa L8:24 Rx2 Rack Attack Amy
Russell P6:57 Rx W/ Jeff B.
Rachel Pr8:38 Rx w/ Brittany and Traci
Spencer Boy9:05 Rx2 W/ Jeff P. - 26 KB, 10 WB
Jennie7:30 Rx2 Mod: 40 - 18lb kb, 40 air squats, 40 kb
Casey H8:27 A Rx2 With Brandon. 140 rep on B
Amy L8:24 Rx2 Rack attack
Traci8:38 Rx
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