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Saturday Oct 6,2018

Happy Birthday Roy & Grant
Welcome Alyssia
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For Time
21 Push Jerks 155/105
     Rx2: 115/85
     Rx3: 75/55
15 Push Press 115/85
     Rx2: 75/65
     Rx3: 65/45
9 Strict Press 95/65
     Rx2: 65/45
     Rx3: 55/35

*Clean barbell from ground

0% 0%
1st8:02 Lisa J Sat,Oct 6,2018
2nd5:07 2Amy L Sat,Oct 6,2018
3rd5:32 2Jennie Sat,Oct 6,2018
1st4:20 Jeff B Sat,Oct 6,2018
2nd4:36 Adam B Sat,Oct 6,2018
3rd5:00 Sam W Sat,Oct 6,2018

Adam B4:36 Rx
Judy H5:27 Rx3
Jennie5:32 Rx2 65 lb deadlifts, 65 lb push press, 55 lb strict press
Jeff B4:20 Rx
Jeff He5:38 Rx2
Eddie5:45 Rx2 Home Box
Sam W5:00 Rx
Lisa J8:02 Rx Trying to be Barbier elite... fail.
Rachel Pr8:10 Rx2 w/ the best teammate, Katia
Traci11:15 Rx2 Push jerk13@105,8@85; push press 15@75; press3@65,6@55
Amy L5:07 Rx2
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