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Monday Oct 8,2018

Happy Birthday Stacie
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Fran Lung

For Time
   400 m Run
     Fran 75/55
   400 m Run
     Fran 75/55
   400 m Run

21 -15 - 9
   Rx2: Ring Row
   Rx3: 200 m Run
           15/12/9 reps

Rx: 75/55
Rx2: 55/35
Rx3: Barbell

0% 0%
1st18:28 Angie Mon,Oct 8,2018
2nd25:22 Sheridan Mon,Oct 8,2018
3rd35:57 Emily Co Mon,Oct 8,2018
1st20:32 Dylan R Mon,Oct 8,2018
2nd20:46 Toby Mon,Oct 8,2018
3rd28:32 Brian L Mon,Oct 8,2018

Kate B34:56  Rx2 except: rd1 25#, rd2 15#
Judy H21:59 Rx2 21,15,9 Fran 25#. 400m run
Angie18:28 Rx
WaltNFT  Didn't understand the WOD until I was into the first set of Fran; 25# trusters, 200 m
Toby20:46 Rx Welcome back Dylan :)
Melody28:22 Rx2 UGLY 55# RR
Haylie22:24  30#, ring rows
Sarah S22:13 Rx2 35lb bar
Justin Gro29:29 Rx Doc D, back in the house! Welcome back
Rachel Pr26:05 Rx2 45#, PUs first round of Fran, RR second round (Glad that one’s over with)
Dylan R20:32 Rx Nice to be back!
Melissa L27:36  400 row: 45# thrusters: RR
Brian L28:32 Rx Key word “LUNG”
Emily Co35:57 Rx
Erin A24:47 Rx2 Rx run and thrusters; false grip RR
Leslie22:15 Rx3 As written
Spencer Boy22:45 Rx2 400M Run, #35 Thrusters, RR
Brittany D26:20 Rx2 45#, 400m run, ring rows
Tom S35:00 Rx2 Everything except last 400m run
Elizabeth K25:48 Rx2 45#
Traci33:41 Rx2 Fran 1 Rx; Fran 2 dropped to ring rows after 17 pull-ups
Sheridan25:22 Rx Strep throat recovry and Fran don’t go together very well.
Amy L24:53 Rx2 45# thrusters and ring rows
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