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Wednesday Oct 10,2018

Gymversary Lauren Hol-5
FT: Row, DU, BMU, HSPU, PistolsOther Posted Results

FT: Row, DU, BMU, HSPU, Pistols

For Time
2,000 m Row
150 Double Unders
        Rx2: 50 DU or 300 Singlen
Then... 10 Rounds  
  1 Bar Muscle up
        Rx2: Jumping BMU
        Rx3: Jumping C2B
  3 Handstand Push-ups (3” deficit)
        Rx2: Plate + mat
        Rx3: L-sit DB Press
   6 Pistols
        Rx2: Box Pistols
        Rx3: Air Squats

0% 0%
1st33:41 Angie Wed,Oct 10,2018
2nd20:22 2Erin A Wed,Oct 10,2018
3rd24:38 2Rachel Pr Wed,Oct 10,2018
1st19:28 Toby Wed,Oct 10,2018
2nd20:45 Jeff R Wed,Oct 10,2018
3rd35:35 Dylan R Wed,Oct 10,2018

Robby G25:38 Rx2 With mu and pistols
Angie33:41 Rx PR on 3” deficits (45s+25s plates). Thanks for the push Coach B!
Erin A20:22 Rx2 banded pistols; thanks for meeting me, Stacie!
Brian L36:35  1-Mile Run, DUs, JBMU, HSPU, pistols
Toby19:28 Rx strict def HSPU (45s+25s)
Judy H28:20 Rx3 JC2B,15#DBLsit,goblet squats 18#KB
Russ30:26  1 ctb, 3 hspu’s to plate, 6 medball sq
Walt33:43 Rx2 As written. Except for JC2B & 20# DB L-sits
Amanda Sc20:47 Rx3 singles, 20# L-sits
Jeff R20:45 Rx
Justin Gro37:30 Rx
Scott Pa18:38  2000 m bike, 10 rnds 2 pu, 3 dub press, 6 squats
Melissa L25:36 Rx2 Row; singles; JBMU; 45# plate;box pistols
Spencer Boy33:33 Rx3 2000M Row; JC2B; LSit #20; Air Squats
Taylor Cof30:30 Rx2
Rachel Pr24:38 Rx2 150 DUs; 15# plate + mat
Tom S27:15 Rx3 At home - assuming 9 minutes for row
Dylan R35:35 Rx Strict hspu...10minutes on du
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