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Saturday Oct 27,2018

Happy Birthday Phil & Barbara & Joseph P
Gymversary Jimmy-3

Team2: Row, TH, c2n

2 Person Team
For Time
   2,000 m row  
   100 Thrusters 45/35
   60 Chrest 2 Bar
      Rx2: Pull-ups
      Rx3: Jumping Pull-ups

Divide reps and calories however  

*E2mom: 10 Wall Balls 20/14
      Rx2: 14/10

0% 0%
1st16:52 Russ Sat,Oct 27,2018
Dylan R Sat,Oct 27,2018
2nd17:00 Josh S Sat,Oct 27,2018
Adam B Sat,Oct 27,2018
3rd17:17 Brian L Sat,Oct 27,2018
Larry B Sat,Oct 27,2018

Russ16:52 Rx with the absolute beast doctor Dylan
Dylan R16:52 Rx With Rowdy Rusty Riggins
Brian L17:17 Rx W/ Badass Basel
Josh S17:00 Rx Adam Boehmer
Adam B17:00 Rx With Big Josh
Larry B17:17 Rx with BL the thruster machine
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