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Monday Nov 26,2018

Amrap20: Lunge, Brup, Pull-ups

A- 2:00 Lizard Stretch with Sky Reaches
   5 - 10 Weighted Thoracic Extensions  
B- 2 Rounds
   25 ft Lunges (body weight)
   10 Plate Ground 2 Overhead
C- 2 Rounds
   3 Bupees to 6' Target
   5 Kip Swings + 3 Pull-ups

20:00 Amrap
25 ft OH Lunges 45/25     Rx2: 25/10
 8 Plate Hop Burpees
25 ft OH Lunges 45/25     Rx2: 25/10
 8 Pull-Ups                     Rx2: Ring Rows

*Score = Total Reps
*Wear a Vest for an added Challenge

0% 0%
1st211 Rachel Pr Mon,Nov 26,2018
2nd195 Ayelet Mon,Nov 26,2018
3rd187 Alma Mon,Nov 26,2018
1st213 Russell P Mon,Nov 26,2018
2nd212 Adam B Mon,Nov 26,2018
3rd208 Kamill Mon,Nov 26,2018

Jordan202 Rx2 Pullup progression w\stool&45lb plate
Haylie197 Rx2 pullup progression with stool and 25# plate, 10# plate, burpees were very hard
Angie161  kb lunges, burpee to target, strict pull ups
Melody176 Rx2 25# ohl 2-45# plate pu progression (best option)
Alma187 Rx 7 rounds + 25ft (25# plate and pullups)
Alex L117 Rx2
Justin Gro177 Rx 20# vest
Toby169 Rx 30# vest, strict pull-ups
Robert S192 Rx
Brian L182 Rx NO VEST
Erin A182 Rx2 Rx with pull-up progression (small wooden box); wore 2.5# vest
Dylan R195 Rx 30# vest
Casey H169 Rx
Melissa L182  15# plate; productive exercise to work on PU's
Russ161 Rx No vest. Just turkey.
Adam B212 Rx W/20#vest
Elizabeth K192 Rx2 15# lung ring row
Kim B156 Rx2
Leslie148 Rx2
Abbey187 Rx2 4pull ups 4 ring rows
Tom S130 Rx2
Spencer Boy221 Rx2 #25 OHL, Burpees, RR
Russell P213 Rx No vest. Waiting to get plates
Ayelet195 Rx
Kamill208 Rx 8 sets 20# vest
Jimmy182 Rx VESTED SON!!
Rachel Pr211 Rx
Latrice208 Rx2 #25lb plate, ring rows
Brigitte111 Rx2
Larry B117 Rx2 @home w flu - 25#, strict pu and burpees
Sam W143 Rx
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