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Wednesday Nov 28,2018

Gymversary Kim B-2
Overhead Squat 1RMAmrap10: WB, TTB, SN

Overhead Squat 1RM

A. PVC Pass Throughs
   10 Buddha Stretch
   10 Push Aways
   10 Sky Reaches
   5 Overhead Squats with PVC
C. 2 Rounds (Slow Tempo)
   25 ft Duck Walk
   25 ft 3-Leg Bear Crawl

Barbell Drills
A. 1 Round (Snatch Grip)
   5 Back Rack Strict Press
   5 Back Rack Push Jerk
   5 Overhead Squats
B. 3 Rounds (Build up)
   4 Kang Squats
   4 Sots Press -or- Overhead Squat

Establish a 1RM Overhead Squat
*Athletes may jerk the bars overhead from the back rack position in the squat rack

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Erin A100 Rx PR by 25!
Danielle Born85 Rx
Walt35 Rx 35# bar; making progress with mobility
Judy H50 Rx
Lisa J155 Rx Need to figure out BR Jerk
Toby200 Rx 15# PR & 2018 goal #justintime
Justin Gro190 Rx Got 200, but I needed another inch of depth
Jeff R250 Rx
Alma95 Rx
Sam W240 Rx
Mary Wahlstrom.65 Rx
Jordan50lb overhead squat Rx got to second round for 30 wallballs
Melissa L65 Rx
Haylie50 Rx
Christina H100 Rx
Melody95 Rx
Angelika95 Rx
Ayelet60 Rx
Rachel Pr85 Rx
Kamill135 Rx PR
Sarah S80 Rx
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