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Friday Nov 30,2018

Happy Birthday Jeff R & Lindsey Gro & Kim B & Rachel Pr
Gymversary Barbara-3

FT: Row, DU

10:00 Emom
Odd: 20 second handstand hold
Even: 20 second chin over bar hold
         *chin-up grip
         *with medball for added challenge

For Time
500 m Row  (25/20 calorie Bike)
50 Double Unders
400 m Row (20/15 calorie Bike)
40 Double Unders
300 m Row (15/10 calorie Bike)
30 Double Unders
200 m Row (10/5 calorie Bike)
20 Double Unders
100 m Row (5/5 calorie Bike)

10 Double Unders

Double Unders
Rx2: Singles x 3
Rx3: Sit-ups

0% 0%
1st11:32 Rachel Pr Fri,Nov 30,2018
2nd17:16 Angie Fri,Nov 30,2018
3rd23:13 Melody Fri,Nov 30,2018
1st8:24 Robert S Fri,Nov 30,2018
2nd8:41 Toby Fri,Nov 30,2018
3rd9:15 Sam W Fri,Nov 30,2018
Roy Fri,Nov 30,2018

Bryan C12:36 Rx assault bike
Angie17:16 Rx Assault bike: 30,25,20,15,10 cal
Russell P9:27 Rx
Rachel Pr11:32 Rx shoutout to the people that did birthday burpees with me, you rock!💪🏽
Roy9:15 Rx 10:13 first round
Jordan14:50 Rx2 Did the row and singles
Erin A12:41 Rx2 row, singles followed by birthday burpees!
Melody23:13 Rx AB 30 25 20 15 10 du!!!!!
Adam B9:23 Rx
Sam W9:15 Rx
Robert S8:24 Rx
Toby8:41 Rx Great push Bob and Adam!
Walt15:18 Rx3 50,40,30,20,10 singles
Mary Wahlstrom.18:25 Rx3 sit ups
Brian L16:20 Rx Assault Bike + DU’s. (115# SOTS Press after class 😎)
Judy H14:56 Rx2 Plus 26 birthday burpees for Rachel 🎂
Russ10:23 Rx
Dylan R12:13 Rx2 Assault bike
Justin Gro99:99 Rx Took me so long I couldn't bear to look at the clock when I finished =)
Melissa L11:55 Rx2
Tom S14:15 Rx2
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