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Monday Dec 3,2018

Gymversary Melody-5

Unpartitioned DT

A. 400 m Run
B. 3 Rounds
   10 Straight Leg Hip Extensions
   10 Hollow Bodys
   5 Front Lever

6:00 Emom
2 Bar Muscle-ups
  Rx2: Jumping Muscle-ups
  Rx3: Jumping Chest 2 Bar

Barbell Drills
2 Rounds
5 Romanian Deadlifts
5 Bent Over Rows
5 Hi-pulls
5 Strict Press

Unpartitioned DT
For Time
60 Deadlifts
45 Hang Cleans
30 Push Jerks

Rx: 155/105
Rx2: 115/75
RX3: 75/45

0% 0%
1st9:56 Lisa J Mon,Dec 3,2018
2nd11:08 2Angelika Mon,Dec 3,2018
3rd11:21 2Amy L Mon,Dec 3,2018
1st11:46 Roy Mon,Dec 3,2018
2nd17:31 Jeff R Mon,Dec 3,2018
3rd18:33 Sam W Mon,Dec 3,2018

Robby G13:50 Rx2
Kate B12:32 Rx3
Amanda Sc15:00 Rx3 65 lb; dropped to 55lb after 9 push jerks
Angie16:24  105# dl&hc, strict db press (neck)
Haylie12:18 Rx3
Melody20:00 Rx2 85 17ish? Can’t remeber time
Alex L9:50 Rx3
Alma13:50 Rx3 RX2 weight (75#) except Push jerks #65
Lisa J9:56 Rx
Robert S18:46 Rx
Walt18:21 Rx3 55#
Roy11:46 Rx
Michelle S10:15 Rx3 65#
Justin Gro24:44 Rx
Jason K13:10 Rx2
Dylan RDNF Rx 155# DL and PJ
Russ22:40 Rx
Larry B13:26 Rx2 used 50# DB
Erin A15:56 Rx2 85# thanks for the push, Melody
Latrice12:50 Rx2
Amanda Sa16:05 Rx3 65
Angelika11:08 Rx2
Melissa L15:48 Rx2
Kelly T12:44 Rx2
Shannon12:07  105 DL, 55# remainder (first upper body wod)
Danielle Born15:42 Rx2 had to stop to wrap hand ( tear)
Leslie12:00  #35
Elizabeth K12:29 Rx3 65#
Blake10:32  65# Stubby axel bar (thought I had 75# on it)
Spencer Boy10:33 Rx3 #55
Jeff R17:31 Rx
Sarah S14:21 Rx2
Rachel Pr11:45 Rx2
Russell P14:03 Rx2 #135
Kamill18:20 Rx2 135#
Paul G20:22 Rx2 135lb bar
Dee24:40 Rx
Abbey12:04 Rx3
Sam W18:33 Rx
Toby29:29 Rx Just happy to be here :)
Amy L11:21 Rx2
Results Posted: 41

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