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Thursday Jan 3,2019

Happy Birthday Kevin W
Bryan T
Welcome Christina M & Bryan T

Emom12: RKBS, Chins

4 Rounds
30 sec Jump Rope (varied)
30 sec Rest

3 Rounds
20 Hollow Body Flutter Kicks

*Perform 25 ft Double KB Death March after each Rnd

5 Rounds
3 Deadlifts (x113)
   (3 sec down tempo)

12:00 EMOM
Even: 12 Russian KB Swings  
   Rx: 53/44
   Rx2: 44/35
   Rx3: 35/26
   Rx(+): 70/53
Odd: 6 Hollow Body Chin-ups
   Rx2: Banded (strict)
   Rx3: 10 Ring Rows
   Rx(+): Med Ball

*Score = Reps. Total reps = 108

0% 0%
1st95 +Angie Thu,Jan 3,2019
2nd108 Lindsey Gro Thu,Jan 3,2019
Alma Thu,Jan 3,2019
Rachel Pr Thu,Jan 3,2019
Mary Wahlstrom. Thu,Jan 3,2019
3rd108 2Erin A Thu,Jan 3,2019
Kelly T Thu,Jan 3,2019
Abbey Thu,Jan 3,2019
Spencer Boy Thu,Jan 3,2019
Jennie Thu,Jan 3,2019
Brittany D Thu,Jan 3,2019
Melissa L Thu,Jan 3,2019
Danielle Born Thu,Jan 3,2019
1st108 +Rob L Thu,Jan 3,2019
Kamill Thu,Jan 3,2019
Bryan T Thu,Jan 3,2019
2nd107 +Dylan R Thu,Jan 3,2019
Brian L Thu,Jan 3,2019
Toby Thu,Jan 3,2019
3rd108 Adam B Thu,Jan 3,2019
Casey H Thu,Jan 3,2019
Tom S Thu,Jan 3,2019
Larry B Thu,Jan 3,2019
Robby G Thu,Jan 3,2019

Robby G108 Rx Rx chin, RX+ KB, 405 DL
Kate B106 Rx3 35# kb, ring rows
Angie95 Rx+ 53# kb, 10# medball
Alma108 Rx All 36 reps of chin at a time :)
Toby107 Rx+ 70#KB. 30# MB then 35# KB on strict CUs. Chin didn’t quite get over the bar on last rep.
Brian L107 Rx+ 70# KB, 14# WB (NO Rep in last round)
Justin Gro36  200m row for KBS, chinups (5 rds with 14# ball), 100 cal bike for DL's (hamstring)
Adam B108 Rx 70#KB 30#20#+BW MBCU
Danielle Born108 Rx2 Green band cu, started 44# KB moved up to 53# last 3 sets
Judy H108 Rx3 4 KB 35#, 2 KB 44# ring rows
Claudia108 Rx3 5 rds 26#, 1 rd 35#
Mary Wahlstrom.108 Rx 55# kb, chin ups
Sandra102 Rx3 35/26 kb, bands
Walt108 Rx2 35# KBS except last rd 44#; Banded chinups (black/ then +red band)
Rob L108 Rx+ 20, 14,,,,,,,
Bryan T108 Rx+ used 70lb KB & 20lb med ball. Unbroken chin-ups each round
Christina M108 Rx3 120# DL; 35# KB; Green band chin ups.
Melissa L108 Rx2 RX+ KB
Casey H108 Rx
Leslie108 Rx3 rx 2 band chin ups
Lindsey Gro108 Rx
Erin A108 Rx2 Rx+ KBS
Kelly T108 Rx2 Banded chin ups, 53# Russian KBS, 155# tempo deadlift!
Abbey108 Rx2
Spencer Boy108 Rx2 #44 KB Swings, Thick Green Band
Tom S108 Rx
Rachel Pr108 Rx 53#KB
Jennie108 Rx2 44 lb db and ring rows
Brittany D108 Rx2 44#KBS
Kamill108 Rx+
Larry B108 Rx 70# KB, chinups
Dylan R107 Rx+ 4 rds 30# MB; 2 rds 20# MB; missed last rep
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Bryan T 12:55pm
Not a deep thought, I just can't do math! 108 reps, Rx+

Danielle Born 9:17pm
Christina, you did such an awesome job today !!! What a great first class for you!!! I already see you will have some great achievements ahead!!! Keep up that hard work!!!