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Monday Jan 7,2019

Welcome Amy B & Kaitlin T & Karimar
E4mom16: Run, CLOther Posted Results

E4mom16: Run, CL

A. Seated Wrist Stretches
    Prone Prayer Stretch
    Printers Stretch  
B. 2 Rounds
    50 ft A-Skips
    50 ft Butt Kicks
    20 Mountain Climbers
C. 200 m Run
D. 1 Round  
    5 Triple Extensions
    5 Hi-Pulls
    5 Back Rack Turn Overs
    5 Hi-Hang Clean

6:00 Build-up
Heavy Hang Clean

16:00 E4mom (4 Rounds)
400 m Run
     Rx2: 200 m Run
12 Cleans 155/105
      Rx2: 115/75
      Rx3: 75/55
      Rx(+): 185/115

*Score = Cleans. 48 total Cleans

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TodayAll Time

Sarah S48 Rx2 400m run: 1:55; 1:50; 1:50; 1:50
Melissa M48 Rx2 75# cleans, 400m runs
Kate B48  Assault bike, 45# cleans
Roy33 Rx+ 185 All Runs 2-2:30
Wendy B48 Rx3 65#cleans; 250m row
Karimar44  45
Judy H48 Rx3 55# cleans
Angie44 Rx+ 115#
Matt Sp36 Rx
Amy L48 Rx3 200 Meter Run, 75# P
Alma43 Rx2 85# instead of 75# (12,12,10,9)
Robert S48 Rx+
Brian L34 Rx
Latrice25 Rx
Walt27  65#; 6 reps/rd
Bryan T48 reps Rx+ 185#
Robby G24 Rx 205 hang clean, 185 workout
Justin Gro48  Sub Tempo Back Squats for cleans, 125m farmer carry for run / 53's (hamstring)
Michelle S48 Rx3 85#
Toby48 Rx
Dylan R48 Rx
Larry B48 Rx
Adam B44 Rx+
Jeff R33 Rx+
Jaz48 Rx3
Kelly T47 Rx3 200m run, 105# cleans
Melody34 Rx2 400 85
Traci42 Rx
Bryan C48 Rx+
Russ32 Rx+
Casey H40 Rx2
Jason K31 Rx
Ron23  95 Cleans 400 Run
Russell P45 Rx+ 12,12,11,10
Jeff B42 Rx+ print 225# hang clean
Spencer Boy48 Rx3 #65 Cleans with 400M Run
Abbey48 Rx3 400m I’m the first three round and 200m for the fourth
Kamill36 Rx
Lindsey Gro48 Rx2
Leslie48 Rx3
Brigitte46 Rx3
Sam W28 Rx+
Paul G47 Rx2 135 bar
Haylie48  45# cleans, 400m run
Scott Pa48 Rx2 200 m 12 dB+j
Results Posted: 45