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Tuesday Jan 8,2019

Happy Birthday Melissa B
Gymversary Danielle Born-1 & Haylie-1
Welcome Karimar

Amrap15: HSPU, DU, TTB, BJ

A. 25 Stationary Reverse Inchworm
B. 50 Double Unders
    Rx2: 100 Singles
C. 10 Box Jumps
    Rx2: Step-ups

3 Rounds
10 Handstand Shoulder Taps
20 1-Arm DB Push Press

15:00 Amrap
10 Handstand Push-ups
     Rx2: Plate + Mat
     Rx3: DB Push Press
     Rx(+): 3' Deficit  
80 Double Unders
     Rx2: 80 Singles
     Rx3: 15 Calorie Row
10 Toes to Bar
     Rx2: Knee-ups
20 Box Jumps 24/20
     Rx2: 20' Step-ups

*Score = Reps

0% 0%
1st241 +Angie Tue,Jan 8,2019
2nd215 Lisa J Tue,Jan 8,2019
3rd760 2Danielle Born Tue,Jan 8,2019
1st465 +Jeff R Tue,Jan 8,2019
2nd455 +Toby Tue,Jan 8,2019
3rd371 +Bryan C Tue,Jan 8,2019

Wendy B360 Rx3 hspu w/plate&mat; 80 calf raises; k2c; 20in stepups
Alma210 Rx2 (80DU, 10 HSPU plate/mat, 10T2B, 20BJ, 10 HSPU, 80 DU)
Angie241 Rx+ PR:first time deficit HSPU in a wod
Amy L399 Rx3 25 #DB Press, KneeUps, Step Ups, double Unders
Bryan C371 Rx+
Robert S243 Rx+ First time doing deficit hspu
Toby455 Rx+ strict deficit HSPU (25+45# plates); 30'' box jump
Judy H580 Rx3 3 full rounds + 10; 20# DB Presses,20' stepups, 150 jump ropes,knee ups
Mary Wahlstrom.360 Rx3 3 full rounds, + hspu, step ups, ttb, row
Walt385 Rx3 20# BBs; 150 single/round
Danielle Born760 Rx2 25 and 10 # mat HSPU, singles, knee ups 20 in box jumps ( 4 full rounds)
Robby G514 Rx2 RX except I did singles.
Justin Gro393 Rx2 24' stepups, singles, T2B, Deficit HSPU (hamstring)
jennifer how440 Rx3 rx t2b
Melody140 Rx2 Hspu 45+mat 40du t2b (3,2,3,2) instead of one at a time
Russ244 Rx2 Plate(s) plus mat. Everything else rx
Dylan R560 Rx2 Singles, strict deficit hspu, 30in box
Amanda Sc570 Rx2 20# bd push press, singles, knee ups, 24in step ups
Casey H450 rx on ttb,bj-rx2 on hspu,du Rx2
Michael Ber360 Rx2 ttb 24' box jumps
Shannon283  RX box and DU, 10#DB, T2B
Latrice260 Rx3
Daniel J335 Rx3 25# DB, Singles, BJ, KU
Melissa L437 Rx2 HSPU #25 plate; singles; T2B; step ups
Jaz360 Rx2 plate + 25# mat(until last round *wrist*), singles, knee ups, box jumps
Dean330 Rx3 All RX except HSPU. Did DB push press
Kelly T258 Rx3 Knee ups, 20 inch box jumps, 25# DB press, DU
Blake266  Dumb bell PP (shoulder recovery), first time RXing T2B since JUNE shoulder injury!! Everything else RX
Jeff R465 Rx+
Joy P410 Rx2
Abbey371 Rx2
Dawn M4 rounds Rx2
Lindsey Gro340 Rx2 deficit HSPU, Singles, t2b, box jumps
Jeff B354 Rx+
Larry B250 Rx2 50# mb, rest rx
Jennie380 Rx3 25 lb db press, air squats in place of box stepups (knee)
Rachel Pr350 Rx2 Mat + 15# plate; 80 DUs; T2B; 20 box jumps
Leslie424 Rx2 50-25 HSPU
Bianca480 Rx3
Lisa J215 Rx
Sam W260 Rx2
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Roy 11:39am
Dang Toby!!! When I get lean I wanna be like you.
Toby 4:40pm
When I get strong I wanna be like you :)

Blake 5:46pm
When I grow up I wanna be like both of you

Toby 6:47pm
And now we just all wanna be Jeff Rice! 465! 💪🏻

Roy 6:58pm
Dang Toby why aren’t you better. 😎

Toby 7:38pm
I’m tryyyiiinnng 😂