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Thursday Jan 10,2019

Happy Birthday Jay
Gymversary Hanna L-1 & ana m-1 & Abel-1 & Michael S-1
Welcome Chrissy & Tyler L & Lauren Ta & Lexie

FT: RMU, RC, SN, Sit-up

A. Pass Throughs
    Revers Pass Throughs
B. 2 Rounds
    5 2-Part Abmat Sit-ups  
    7 Straight Leg Hip Exentions  
    10 sec Chin-up Hold (Hollow Body)  
C. 2 Rounds
    7 Ring Row + 3 Turn Over
    10 Weighted Hollow Bodys
2 Rounds
   3 Skin the Cats
      Rx2: Toes 2 Rings
      Rx3: Ring Knee-ups

For Time
10 Ring Muscle-ups
50 DB Snatches
100  Sit-ups
50 DB snatches
10 Rope Climbs

Rx2: Ring Chin-ups  
Rx3: Jumping Chest 2 Bar

Rx: 50/35
Rx2: 35/20
Rx3: 20/ 10

Rx2: 2 Rope Climbs
Rx3: Jumping Chest 2 Bar

0% 0%
1st17:32 2Melissa L Thu,Jan 10,2019
2nd19:58 2Kelly T Thu,Jan 10,2019
3rd20:15 2Brigitte Thu,Jan 10,2019
1st15:10 Toby Thu,Jan 10,2019
2nd16:42 Dylan R Thu,Jan 10,2019
3rd19:46 Adam B Thu,Jan 10,2019

Wendy B17:51 Rx3 20#db snatch; jumping ring mu (modified)
Amanda Sc14:35 Rx3 all rx2 except rc; did jc2b
Kate B15:22 Rx3
Bryan C23:50 Rx Mu’s And rope climbs need work
Matt Sp13:57 Rx2 Finished 10 rope climbs after time
Angie20:37 Rx2 JRMU (rx everything else)
Amy L12:46 Rx3 JumpingC2B, 25# DB
Alma17:18 Rx3 25# at DB and 20 Chest to Bar attempts/ pullups instead of MU and RC. After workout PR: first long Rope Climb
Adam B19:46 Rx
Toby15:10 Rx
Dylan R16:42 Rx
Judy H15:25 Rx3 JC2B;15# DB Snatches;100 situps
Walt22:58 Rx3 Jumping ring PUs
Brian L22:05  RMU Attempts - DB snatch (60@35# - 40@50#) - sit-ups - 3 RC
Justin Gro24:07 Rx
Danielle Born16:19 Rx3 Rx 2 except for rope climbs, did 1 full rope climb and 2 half way attempts ( 1st time full big rope)
Robert S24:00 Rx3 3 rmu/7 c2b. 50# db. 1 rc then c2b
Christina M15:16 Rx3 Jumping ring PUs; 20# DB snach; 100 situps
Melissa L17:32 Rx2
Michael Ber16:40 Rx2
Robby G15:21 Rx2 RX weight on db snatches
Kelly T19:58 Rx2 35# DB snatch, jumping rung chin ups, 3 rope climbs
Amanda Sa17:35 Rx3 Jumping chin ups, 20# DBS, 3 Rope Climbs
Traci14:54 Rx3 ring chin-ups, 20# DB, 1 rope climb 2 attempts
Latrice16:00 Rx3
Ariana17:00 Rx3
Ron20:35 Rx2
Larry B21:09 Rx2 rope ctb, rest RX
Leslie16:56 Rx3 as written; didn 't bring rope shoes
Dawn M19:31 Rx3 3 rope climbs
Kamill20:24 Rx2 RCU - RX the rest
Paul G25:26 Rx2 Ring chin ups, 50lb DB, rope climbs
Spencer Boy13:13 Rx3 Jumping Chin Ups, #20 DB Snatches
Russell P26:37 Rx2 10 ring chin ups, #50 db, 10 rope climbs
Tom S27:17 Rx2
Rachel Pr21:35 Rx2 Rx 35# DB; ring chin ups
Jaz11:11 Rx3 jumping chin-ups; 20# db snatch
Blake14:32  Chin ups, 25# Snatch. Shoulder is coming along good :)
Brigitte20:15 Rx2
Jennie17:14 Rx3 jump ring chin ups/25 lb strict db press (knee)
Casey H20:13 Rx2
Bianca19.50 Rx3 cU, 15# DBS
Russ21:00 Rx2 Jmu, 50#, 5 rc
Jason K23:11  Modified workout
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