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Saturday Feb 2,2019

Gymversary Amanda Sa-3
Welcome shaneeta
FT: KBS, MBS, BMUBaseline


A- 2:00 Calf Stretch on 45# Plate
    2 Rounds
    20 Straddle Plate Hops
    20 Mountain Climbers
B- Weighted Thoracic Extensions
    2 Rounds
    8 Barbell Pull Over  
    3 Kip Swings + 2 C2B + 1 MU

8:00 Build-up
3 Rounds
3 Bench Press

For Time
400 m Run
20 Bench Press
400 m Run
10 Bar Muscle-ups
400 m Run
20 Bench Press
400 m Run

Bench Press
Rx: 185/95
Rx2: 135/65
Rx3: 95/65

Bar Muscle-up
Rx2: Chest 2 Bar
Rx3: Jumping Chest

0% 0%
1st15:24 2Alma Sat,Feb 2,2019
2nd20:39 2Latrice Sat,Feb 2,2019
3rd13:32 3Reem Sat,Feb 2,2019
1st14:28 Bryan C Sat,Feb 2,2019
2nd19:32 Jeff R Sat,Feb 2,2019
3rd21:59 David F Sat,Feb 2,2019

Erin A18:05  75# BP, jumping pull-ups, partner Amanda S.
Alma15:24 Rx2 65# Bench, chest to bar
David F21:59 Rx
Jennie18:22 Rx3 85 bp/200 m run/walk, jumping chin ups
Latrice20:39 Rx2
Ravi25 mins  4, 400 m run, 20 lbs bench press
Kelly T20:24 Rx3 55# BP, jumping chest to bar, 15 cal assult bike
Bryan C14:28 Rx
Justin Gro26:16 Rx
Melissa L18:01 Rx3 65#
Brian L29:33 Rx2 185BP - 400M Runs - C2B
Amanda Sc17:40 Rx3 rx2 bp, jumping pull ups. With Erin
Reem13:32 Rx3 20 unbroken Bench Press, go up next time
Scott Pa17:39 Rx2 105 bar, run/row
shaneeta22:30 Rx3
Casey H15:15 Rx2
Jeff R19:32 Rx
Ron23:00 Rx2
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