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Saturday Feb 23,2019

Gymversary Jaron-1
Welcome Nate

FT: TTB, CL, Pul-up

A- 2 - 3 Hanging Figure 8's
    (Slow tempo, feet on box)
B- 2 Rounds
    10 V-ups
    10 Weighted Supermans
    3 Toes 2 Bar + 3 Pull-ups
       Rx2: 3 Knee-ups + 3 Kip Swings
C- 5 Hi Hang Triple Extension
    5 Hi Hang Hi Pull
    5 BR Turn Overs
    5 Hi Hang Power Clean    

8:00 Build-up
Heavy Single Hang Power Clean

For Time
30 Toes 2 Bar
     Rx2: Knee-ups
30 Hang Cleans 155/105
     Rx2: 115/75
     Rx3: 55/35
30 Pull-ups
     Rx2: False Grip Ring Rows

0% 0%
1st5:21 2Amy L Sat,Feb 23,2019
2nd7:31 2Spencer Boy Sat,Feb 23,2019
3rd8:24 2Latrice Sat,Feb 23,2019
1st7:28 Bryan C Sat,Feb 23,2019
2nd8:39 Robert S Sat,Feb 23,2019
3rd8:48 David F Sat,Feb 23,2019

Casey H9:15 Rx2 Rx on ttb & pu, rx 2 hc
Jennie9:15 Rx2
Bryan C7:28 Rx
Amy L5:21 Rx2
Dawn M10:16 Rx3
Haylie9:51 Rx3 toes to bar attempts, 55# hang clean, started with pullup attemps but did ring rows
Robert S8:39 Rx
Spencer Boy7:31 Rx2
Latrice8:24 Rx2
Alma13:09 Rx2 All RX except 85# on clean
David F8:48 Rx
Brian L12:47 Rx
Melissa L9:41 Rx2 T2B- Rest RX2
Russell P9:47 Rx
Rachel Pr9:28 Rx2 T2B; 75#; pull-ups
Justin Gro9:47 Rx
Jeff B11:25 Rx Axle bar
Nate12:50 Rx3 85# cleans, knee-ups, ring rows
Melody18:30 😳 Rx2 T2B & PU!!!! 85#hc
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