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Tuesday Feb 26,2019

Happy Birthday David O & Chrissy
Welcome Ciara & Julie H & Jennifer Hea
E4mom12: Run, DU3RM Power Clean

E4mom12: Run, DU

A- Heal Sits
   Downward Dogs
   Sky Reach Lizard Stretch
B- 2 Rounds
   40 Jogging Singles
   20 Mountain Climbers
C- 5 Hi Hang 3x Ext
   5 Hi Pulls
   5 BR Turn Overs

7:00 to Establish
3 Unbroken Power Cleans
 (touch & go)

3 Rounds
Every 4:00
  50 Double Unders
       Rx2: 100 Singles
       Rx3: 30 Sit-ups
  400 m Run
       Rx2: 200 m Run
       Rx3: 30 Calorie Bike

*Score = 2nd Round

0% 0%
1st2:32 Angie Tue,Feb 26,2019
2nd2:07 2Judy H Tue,Feb 26,2019
3rd2:20 2Sarah S Tue,Feb 26,2019
1st1:49 Toby Tue,Feb 26,2019
2nd2:13 Larry B Tue,Feb 26,2019
3rd2:24 Jeff B Tue,Feb 26,2019

Amanda Sc2:28 Rx2 Singles
Matt Sp2:30 Rx
Jay2.15  100 singles RX
Erin A3:01 Rx2 400m run
Angie2:32 Rx
Paul G2:30 Rx2 Need to do DU ASAP
Toby1:49 Rx (Inside clock)
Brittany D2:58 Rx2 Single unders, 400m runs
Joan2:3 Rx2
Walt2:38 Rx3 200-m run
Judy H2:07 Rx2 singles;200m run
Sandra3:20 Rx2
Claudia2:58 Rx3 100 m farmers carry
Christina M3:00 Rx2 25DU; 400M Run
Mary Wahlstrom.3:27 Rx3 farmers carry 26# 200 m, jogging jump rope
Justin Gro2:56  100 singles, 500m row
Roy3:05 Rx2 400M Shuffle
jennifer how3:10 Rx2 400 m run
Russ4:00  no rep
Jaron2:33 Rx2 Yikes....I need to work on running....
Dylan R2:16 Rx2 400m and 100 singles
Casey H2:00 Rx2 Rx run, rx2 rope
Kim B3:28 Rx2 400 m run
Dean2:48 Rx
Larry B2:13 Rx
Dawn M2:26 Rx3
Tom S2:10 Rx2
Jeff B2:24 Rx
Bryan C2:13  30 cal assault bike
Jennie2:51 Rx3 Situps/200 m run
Reem3:00 Rx2
Sarah S2:20 Rx2 100 SU 400m run
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