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Wednesday Feb 27,2019

Gymversary Sydnee-1
Welcome Ciara & Julie H & Jennifer Hea


20 Rounds  
( 40 Minute Cap )

1 Rope Climb
  Rx2: 2 Body Pulls  
  Rx3: 1 Body Pull
3 Devils Press 50's/35's
  Rx2: 35's/20's
  Rx3: Burpees
5 Handstand Pushups
  Rx2: Plate +Mat
  Rx3: DB Press

100% 0%
1st40:00 Angie Wed,Feb 27,2019
2nd22:27 2Erin A Wed,Feb 27,2019
3rd35:30 2Latrice Wed,Feb 27,2019
1st29:12 Adam B Wed,Feb 27,2019
2nd37:24 Toby Wed,Feb 27,2019
3rd37:38 Jeff R Wed,Feb 27,2019

Amanda Sc31:30 Rx3 2 body pulls, 15# devil press, 15# Lsit
Robby G33:45 Rx2 All rope climbs
Erin A22:27 Rx2 1 body pull + K2E, 20# devil's press, 45# plate + mat strict HSPU
Kevin W27:07 Rx3 5 rope climb then body pull, 25#devil press, 10 rd hspu/10 rd 25# shdr press
Angie40:00 Rx 16 rounds + 4 reps
Amy L29:45  20# Devil, 5 knee ups, 20# DB press
Alma40:00 Rx2 13 rounds ( HSPU strict with 45# plate and mat) Rope climbs (10 on little+ 3 on big), 20# on Devil P
Toby37:24 Rx strict HSPU
Bryan T40:00 Rx 18 rounds + 1 RC and 2DP
Walt21:11 Rx3 15# DB; climbed rope to the black band for the first time
Larry B39:10 Rx3 Rope climbs, L sits, 35#Dev Press
Matt Sp36:57 Rx2 Rx2 all rope climbs
Russ40:00 Rx3 L sits 35# press
Robert S40:00  13 rounds. Muscle up instead of rope climb. All else rx
Dylan R40:00 Rx 18rds +4.... (strict hspu)
Jaron40:00 Rx2 15 rounds. Worked on rope climbing (used half rope)
Sheridan40:00 Rx2 mix of rope climbs & K2E, 25#, HSPU. Post Disney workout=slow motion.
Scott Pa31:26 Rx3 15lb lsit body pull
Jeff R37:38 Rx
Justin Gro40:00 Rx 17 rounds + RC and DP's
Adam B29:12 Rx
Tom S27:04 Rx3 10 rounds 6 RC + 4 body pulls / 25# presses
Latrice35:30 Rx2
Kamill40:00 Rx 15 or 16 full rounds..
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Jeff R 9:10pm

Jeff B 9:00am
Toby Flowers you're my hero!!!
Toby 9:48am
I heard you created this beast! That was a GREAT workout. Nice job

Jeff B 11:14am
I did. I'm gonna call it Tobflo

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