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Thursday Feb 28,2019

Festivus Games: Hop, Skip and a ThrustBack Squats: 5 x 1 (31x1)Other Posted Results

Festivus Games: Hop, Skip and a Thrust

10:00 Amrap
- 1 Box Jump to 1 Thruster
- 2 Box Jumps to 2 Thrusters
- 3 Box Jumps to 3 Thrusters

35 DU -OR- 50 SU (Team choice, both must do the same, one athlete at a time)  

- 4 Box Jumps to 4 Thrusters
- 5 Box Jumps to 5 Thrusters  
- 6 Box Jumps to 6 Thrusters

35 DU -OR- 50 SU (Same style as round 1)  

- 7 Box Jumps to 7 Thrusters  
- 8 Box Jumps to 8 Thrusters
- 9 Box Jumps to 9 Thrusters

35 DU -OR- 50 SU (Same style as round 1)  
Continue Adding Reps in This Pattern, With the DU/SU After Each Third Round, Until the Time Expires.  

Intermediate: 95/65 (24/20)
Novice: 65/45 (Step-ups)
Elite: 135/95 (30/24)

*Score = Box Jumps + Thrusters

0% 0%
1st171 Erin A Thu,Feb 28,2019
2nd156 Melody Thu,Feb 28,2019
3rd148 Traci Thu,Feb 28,2019
1st177 Robby G Thu,Feb 28,2019
2nd176 Brian L Thu,Feb 28,2019
3rd142 Jeff B Thu,Feb 28,2019
Dean Thu,Feb 28,2019

Robby G177 Rx With Ryan M, I only entered my score, not both of ours.
Jaron141 Rx 7rds 6 - BJ ; with Motivating Melissa Mason
Melissa M141 Rx 65# thrusters, completed round 8 Worked out with Jaron Matthews
Jordan141  95# BS, done with Haylie Franz
Haylie141  35# thruster, 20 inch box jump, finished with round 8, done with big j, 35-55-75-85-95 back squats
Melody156 Rx With Coach Roy. He’s ready y’all!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏼
Erin A171 Rx This is my team total (w/ Jay). If this is not correct, someone tell me and I'll edit. :)
Brian L176 Rx 24' BJ - 95# TH - Singles (w/ Bryan 'The Beast' Turner) - if singles are RX2 let me know
Brittany D90 Rx2 With Dyllan 😎πŸ’ͺ🏻
Mary Wahlstrom.63 Rx2 Joan team mate 55#thruster
Joan63 Rx2 Mary team mate 55#thruster
Walt119 Rx2 W/ My man, Rob Lord; 35# thrusters; 85# BS, worked on form
Russ180 Rx2 As written. W/ my man, GI-Justin
Dylan R180 Rx2 With Brittany
Justin Gro180 Rx2 Russ 'Big Rig' Riggins
Christina M71 Rx2 20' BJ; 55# Thrusters
Traci148 Rx with Bill and Kevin
Casey H180 Rx2 w Melissa L
Melissa L180 Rx2 W/ Casey H
Kevin W148 Rx2 W/Traci and Bill
Dean142 Rx 24' BJ, 95lb
Jeff B142 Rx W/ Dean 135, 30'
Abbey122 Rx2
Dawn M128 Rx2
Jennie128 Rx2 partner Dawn - 55 lb thrusters
Spencer Boy122 Rx2 w/ Abby (#45 Thrusters & Singles)
Amanda Sa176 Rx2 w/Angelika #55 Thrusters
Results Posted: 27
Erin A 8:30am
Is the total number of reps your own or your team total?
Brian L 9:19am
total combined reps - the jump rope so you're correct.

Jeff R 10:05am
Good question Erin. Score = Box Jump and Thrusters only. Not Jump Rope

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