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Friday Mar 1,2019

Happy Birthday John Go & Danielle Born
CrossFit Open 19.2Other Posted Results

CrossFit Open 19.2

8:00 Time Cap
25 Toes 2 Bar                
     Scaled: Knee-ups
     Mstrs: Sit-ups  
50 Double Unders          
     Scaled/Mstrs: 50 Singles  
15 Squat Cleans 135/85  
     Scaled: 95/55  
     Mstrs: 65/45  
25 Toes 2 Bar                
50 Double Unders          
13 Squat Cleans 185/115  
     Scaled: 115/75  
     Mstrs: 85/65

*If complete add 4:00

Rounds  Reps  Weight  
25 Toes 2 Bar                
50 Double Unders          
11 Squat Cleans 225/145  
     Scaled: 135/95  
     Mstrs: 105/75

*Score = Total Reps

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TodayAll Time

Matt Sp111 Rx 2:35 DU round #1
Robby G340 Rx2
Jeff B175 Rx
Alma107 Rx (3:32)DU not as good today 100rep ( Re did 2:59) and 107rps)
Erin A347 Rx2 as written; 8/9 in round of 115# squat cleans; Oh Em Gee
Angie174 Rx 2 reps less fit than before I had the baby. I’ll take it! (for today. Monday I’ll try again!)
Amanda Sc259 Rx2 scaled as written
Brian L110 Rx2 T2B - Singles (DU's SUCKED) - 135#
Robert S170 Rx
Mary Wahlstrom.81 Rx3 55# 65#, ttb, calorie row 15
Walt115 Rx3 45# clean
CHouchins260 Rx2 Scaled (55,75,95) ku, sjr
Sheridan143 Rx My doubles decided to take a vacation apparently.
Jaron346 Rx2 Trying to figure out a pace. Going again Sunday
Nate103 Rx3 Knee ups, singles, 85# clean. Still new but I'm really enjoying it so far.
Christina M115 Rx2 Scaled
Judy H167 Rx3 Knee ups; singles; #45 then #65(2)
Brittany D176 Rx2
Sarah S260 Rx2 Happy to lift again :’)
Roy161 Rx Monday it is
John Ro169 Rx
Toby170 Rx For now :) (6:11 tie break time)
Jeff R176 Rx
Kevin W257 Rx2 still nursing shoulder
Adam B175 Rx
Danielle Born258 Rx2 Got 6 in at 95#
Larry B165 Rx
Kamill112 Rx
Tom S426 Rx3
Bryan C253 Rx
Latrice105 Rx2 Attempted TTB and DU, RX weight
Dylan R97 Rx 5+ minutes on DU ):
Melody260 Rx2
Results Posted: 33
Angie 9:44am
Great working with you this morning, Alma! You did fantastic but I think you’ve still got more in you for next time!

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