Most Recent Benchmark was Deadlift 1RM on Mar 19,2019 (1 day ago)

Sunday Mar 3,2019

Gymversary Allyson-5 & Christina L-1
Other Posted Results

Erin AClean 1RM (Weight) 135 RxPR!!!!!!!! 4th
Erin ACrossFit Open 19.2 (Reps)426 Rx22nd attempt at this WOD; got to 3/7 squat cleans at 135#
Robby GCrossFit Open 19.2 (Reps)87 RxI did 50 double unders!!!!! PR PR Pr!!! Spent most of my time there and that is ok!
Jeff BSnatch 1RM (Weight) 185 Rx 3rd
Jeff BDeadlift 1RM (Weight) 395 Rx 10th
Jeff BBack Squat 1RM (Weight) 300 Rx 10th
Jeff BBench Press 1RM (Weight) 225 Rx 11th
Jeff BClean + Jerk 1RM (Weight) 215 Rx 7th