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Monday Mar 4,2019

Happy Birthday ANGELA C & Brie & Casey H
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E2mom: Snatch Ladder

A- 3 Rounds
     30 DU or Single Unders
     5 Burpees
B- 4 ft Walk Throughs
     20 Breakdancer Planks
C- 5 Hi Hang 3x Extensión
    5 Hi Hang Hi Pull
    5 Hi Hang Muscle Snatch

8:00 Build up
   1 Back Rack Strict Press
   1 Back Rack Push Jerk
   1 Heaving Snatch Balance  

E2mom as long a possible
1 Snatch (Power or Squat)

Women Start with 55 lb barbell
   Rx2: Start with 35 lb barbell
   Increase by 5 lb each Round

Men Start with 95 lb barbell
   Rx2: Start with 65 lb barbell  
   Increase by 10 lb each Round

Score = Highest Weight.

0% 0%
1st100 Jaz Mon,Mar 4,2019
2nd95 Erin A Mon,Mar 4,2019
Latrice Mon,Mar 4,2019
3rd90 Kelly T Mon,Mar 4,2019
Sarah S Mon,Mar 4,2019
1st185 Jeff B Mon,Mar 4,2019
Robert S Mon,Mar 4,2019
2nd165 Robby G Mon,Mar 4,2019
Jaron Mon,Mar 4,2019
3rd155 Russ Mon,Mar 4,2019

Jeff B185 Rx 195 overhead but lost it
Robby G165 Rx almost got 175
CHouchins65 Rx Attempted 70 but failed
Erin A95 Rx PR! spent a lot of time working on form at 65#...thank you Coach Jeff
Kevin W175  Squat Cleans (sore shoulder)
Jaron165 Rx Didn’t look prettiest went up...sheesh
Robert S185 Rx Skipped 195 and went for 200. Almost...
Walt55 Rx Failed at 60#, not enough shoulder mobility
Russ155 Rx 165# knee snatch thingy
Haylie55 Rx 35, 45, 50 (attempt), 50 (successful), 55 (attempt), 55 (successful), 60 (attempt), 55 (attempt)
Shannon70# Rx 75# on my head :)
Melissa L65 Rx
Jaz100 Rx pressed out 2x @ 105! PR!!!!!
Kelly T90 Rx Failed twice at 95. PR!!!!!
Kim B45 Rx
Spencer Boy70 Rx
Tom S115 Rx pressed out 125
Latrice95 Rx failed at 100
Dylan R195  squat cleans; 1-3 reps E2MOM x 20 minutes
Sarah S90 Rx
Larry B145 Rx PR
Amy L70 Rx 75# push out - Failed
Nate105 Rx Couldn’t quite get 115
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