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Tuesday Mar 5,2019

Happy Birthday Christy & Dean & Kamill
Row, DL, Pull-upOther Posted Results

Row, DL, Pull-up

A- 2:00 Split Split Stretch
B- 500 m Row
C- 2 Rounds
   20 Bike Crunches (slow tempo)
   3 Kip Swing + 3 Pull-ups + 3 Chest to Bar

3 Rounds
5 Deficit Deadlifts

For Time
1,000 m Row
30 Deadlifts 225/155    
    Rx2: 155/115  
    Rx3: 115/75
    Rx(+): 275/185
50 Pull-ups    
    Rx2: Banded Strict Pull-ups
    Rx3: Ring Rows
    Rx(+): Chest 2 Bar

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TodayAll Time

Robby G12:25 Rx 315 deficit, 405 twice
Jeff B13:24 Rx+
Matt Sp13:16 Rx
Jaron12:17 Rx First time Rx'ing with pull-ups! Rasta, man!!!
Roy13:35 Rx+
Brian L16:13 Rx
Amy L14:29 Rx3 RX2 weight, half strict, half kip pull ups
Bryan T11:00 Rx+
Russ18:25 Rx+ ctb took a sec
Alma17:17 Rx Pull-ups and 155# DL
Dylan R14:40 Rx+
Robert S15:31 Rx+
Walt19:45 Rx3 85# DL; Black band PU; felt good
Joan19:09  #75 DL Peach PU band
Judy H11:17 Rx3
Mary Wahlstrom.21:44 Rx2 115#dl, 50pull ups,1000 row
CHouchins15:01 Rx2 135#dl, 2 green bands pu, dl deficit 155#
Brittany D17:01 Rx2
Angelika10:36 Rx3 50 CAL AS BIKE; #135 DL; RING ROWS
Bill H19:31 Rx
Casey H15:04 Rx2 182 DL, ring row due to shoulder
Melissa L20:56 Rx2 115#DL; pull-ups
Elizabeth K15:15 Rx2 125# purple strict
Dawn M12:23 banded and 15lb bar Rx3
Leslie15:34 Rx3 did 30 band PU
Kim B14:46 Rx3
Abbey15:45 Rx2 135 dead lifts
Spencer Boy16:56 Rx2 155 DL Green Banded PU
Tom S14:14 Rx2
Christina M14:24 Rx2 1000 cal row; 125# DL; Started w/ PU, finished with BPU
Kamill14:46 Rx+
Reem16:13 Rx3 55# deadlift
Bianca14:21 Rx3
Latrice20:55 Rx2 #155 DL, Banded PU
Erin A16:54 Rx2 Rx DL, Thick purple banded PU
Jennie16:19 Rx3 115 dl, tried a few banded pullups but had to swich to ring rows
Larry B16:09 Rx+
Results Posted: 37

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