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Wednesday Mar 6,2019

Jason S
Welcome Amonae
FT: SP, LungesOther Posted Results

FT: SP, Lunges

A- Seated Wrist Stretches
   Lizard Stretch with Sky Reach
B- 2 Rounds
   10 Close Grip Push-ups
   10 Handstand Shoulder Taps
        Rx2: Wall Walk Shoulder Taps
   50 ft Lunges

8:00 Time Cap
3 - 5 Rounds
Rx: 25 ft Handstand Walk
Rx2: Partern Wheel Barrel Carry
Rx3: Bear Crawls

For Time
7 Rounds
10 Strict Press
20 Front Rack Step Back Lunges

Rx: 75/55
Rx2: 55/35

0% 0%
1st14:08 Angie Wed,Mar 6,2019
2nd15:08 Sheridan Wed,Mar 6,2019
3rd15:58 Erin A Wed,Mar 6,2019
1st12:22 Bryan T Wed,Mar 6,2019
2nd12:42 Dylan R Wed,Mar 6,2019
3rd16:21 Larry B Wed,Mar 6,2019

Melody22:12 Rx2 55# lunges Switched to 35# Strict press after first round
Alma21:29 Rx2 RX first round, 3 rounds 45#, 3 rounds #35
Russ18:05 Rx
Bryan T12:22 Rx Don't remember the exact time, but it was something like that, I think
Walt22:48  35# SP & FS
CHouchins14:41 Rx2 As written
Justin Gro17:28 Rx
Angie14:08 Rx
Sheridan15:08 Rx
Toby17:45 Rx #weaknesswednesday
Erin A15:58 Rx
Melissa L14:35 Rx2 45# first round
Dean15:21  ok. just realized I did 7 SP/round for at least 3 of them. I'm dumb
Bill H19:05 Rx2
Jaz17:23 Rx
Tom S13:03 Rx2 8 rounds of half reps @ 55#
Kamill17:13 Rx
Jason S20:01 Rx
shaneeta22:50 Rx2
Larry B16:21 Rx
Dylan R12:42 Rx
Christina M18:25 Rx2 Started w/ 55#, then 45#, ended w/35#
Results Posted: 22

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