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Thursday Mar 7,2019

Happy Birthday Kristy W
Gymversary Bianca-1 & Brigitte-1
Welcome Amonae

5Aramp2: Goats

Check In
4 Rounds  
20 sec Max Wat Assalt Bike

*Soulder Stretches + Squat Mobility between Rounds

Review + Establish Goat

A- 5 Rounds
   2:00 Amrap
      15/12 Calorie Assalt Bike
      Max Reps Goat #1
B- 5 Rounds
    2:00 Amrap
      10 Burpees
      Max Reps Goat #2

*Rest 2:00 Between Rounds

CrossFit Definition of Goat: Movement you are not proficient with. Examples...
Gymnastics         Weight            Cardio
Muscle-ups       Ovh Squat        Running
HSPU               Squat Clean      Double-Unders
Ring Dips         Squat Snatch    Rowing

100% 0%

RussYes  Ring turn overs and squat snatches
Dylan RYes  DU and OHS
Justin GroYes  Double unders / Butterfly Pullups
Robby GYes  Double unders, not so good, kipping handstand push-ups, finally figured them out.
Casey HYes  Got DU figured out. OHS need work
Erin AYes  DU with minimal success today. False grip ring rows.
BiancaYes  Goat; squats w/ bb, ring rows
Larry BYes  MU, HSPU
Christina MYes  Triple Extension-High Pull-Snatch Progression; Pull-ups
JennieYes  Banded pullups, jumprope for cardio
JazYes  DU and MU(banded ring dips) - strung 4 DUs together!!
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