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Friday Mar 8,2019

Happy Birthday Judy H
Welcome Lily

CrossFit Open 19.3

10:00 Time Cap
  200 ft 1-Arm DB Lunges
  50 1-Arm DB Box Step-ups
  50 Strict Handstand Push-ups
  200 ft Handstand Walk

Rx: 50/35 lb DB
     24/20 in Box
Rx2: 35/20 lbs DB
       20 in Box
       Plate + Mat HSPU
Rx3: 20/10 lb DB
       Flash Push-ups

 5 ft = 1 point

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Alma90 Rx 9:07 after round of step ups (no HSPU)
Jeff B100 Rx
Bryan T109 Rx
Robert S91 Rx
Brian L95 Rx Would have been 96 if I had hair
Joan117 Rx3
Walt115 Rx3
Robby G93 Rx
Elizabeth K93 Rx2 20#
Angie95 Rx 2 no reps on hspu - failed to lock out before feet came off the wall
Justin Gro90 Rx
John Ro111 Rx 7:07 Tiebreaker
Melissa L80 Rx2 25#
Danielle Born115 Rx2 Used 35# DB for workout
Lily111 Rx3
Kamill90 Rx 9:58 Tiebreaker
Tom S130 Rx3 Tiebreaker 8:10
Spencer Boy130 Rx3 #20, 40 PU
Russell P100 Rx
Rachel Pr150 Rx2
Haylie112 Rx2 done at the battle with abbey
Bryan C101 Rx 6:54 tiebreak
Adam B121 Rx 7:00 tie break time
Dylan R90 Rx shoulder injury
Results Posted: 24
Jeff R 10:36pm

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