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Monday Mar 11,2019

Happy Birthday Elizabeth K & Russell P
2Amrap7: DL, BBJ, BP, ASCrossFit Open 19.3Other Posted Results

2Amrap7: DL, BBJ, BP, AS

A- Lizard Stretch
   *Elobws to the floor
   Pigeon Stretch (30 in box)
   *Elbows to the box
B- 2 Rounds
   10 Cossack Squats
    10 Curtsy Lunges

2 Rounds
 (Feet on Box)
 5 Thoracic Extensions
 10 Shoulder Taps
 10 Leg Swings

7:00 Amrap
  15 Double KB Deadlifts  
       Rx: 70s/53s
       Rx2: 53s/35s
  9 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20
       Rx2: Step-ups

Rest 3:00

7:00 Amrap
  3 DB Bench Press
  3 Air Squats
  6 DB Bench Press
  6 Air Squats
  9 DB Bench Press
  9 Air Squats  
   (continue up by 3 reps each round)

       Rx: 50s/35s
       Rx2: 35s/20s

Score = Combined Reps

0% 0%
1st172 Erin A Mon,Mar 11,2019
2nd138 Melissa L Mon,Mar 11,2019
3rd232 2Spencer Boy Mon,Mar 11,2019
1st235 Dylan R Mon,Mar 11,2019
Adam B Mon,Mar 11,2019
2nd234 Robby G Mon,Mar 11,2019
3rd190 Justin Gro Mon,Mar 11,2019

Amanda Sc150 Rx2 rx the 1st amrap, 25# for 2nd amrap
Melody200 Rx2 126 25#bp 74 20'bbj 44#kbdl
Erin A172 Rx 53# KBDL
Kevin W202 Rx2 RX 1&1/2, 70 kb/35 db
Justin Gro190 Rx 70#KB's / 50#DB's
Casey H164 Rx 70’s on DL
Walt171 Rx2 26# KBDL; 20# BP
CHouchins187 Rx2 bp25#(got to 18 +4), as(18), kbdl 44#(4 rounds), bj (3 rounds)
Robby G234 Rx 87 first / 147 second with a broken toe, burpees sucked!
Jaron147 Rx2 20lb BP
Bill H166 Rx 70lbs DL, 50lbs BP
Brian L178 Rx started w DB BP (102) then (76)
Melissa L138 Rx 44#KB
Nate150 Rx2
Cindy248  26#DL, 10#BP, step back burp and step ups
Blake231 Rx2 70#KBDL, 25#DBBP (peck)
Adam B235 Rx 70#KB DL
Spencer Boy232 Rx2 96 (#35) + 136 (#20)- 1 Mile Run After
Dylan R235 Rx
Kelly T138 Rx2 35# KB DL, 20 in burpee box jumps, 25# DB BP,
Tom S156 Rx2
Kim B126 Rx2 35#DL, 20 in burpee box jumps, 20 and 15#DB BP
Reem246  20 then 15# db bench
Brigitte144 Rx2
Larry B208  70# KB, weighted pushups
Mary Wahlstrom.169 Rx2 53# db, 25# db bp
Results Posted: 26
Sheridan 9:24am
Awesome job Angie!!!

Larry B 4:20pm
Russ with the 'sore a$$ award' today!

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