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Wednesday Mar 13,2019

Gymversary Walt-5 & Beverly-5

FT: Run, Dips, Ring Rows

A- 2:00 Calf Stretch
    (45# plate leaned against Pull-up post)
    Sprinters Stretch
    (perform 5 back knee extesions each side)
B- 2 Rouds
    50 ft A-Skips
    50 ft Butt Kicks
C- 200 m Pose Run

8:00 Time Cap
3 - 5 Rounds
5 False Grip Ring Row + Turn Over
5 Russian Dips

For Time
800 m Run
30 Ring Rows (feet on box)
     Rx2: Ring Rows (feet on floor)
400 m Run
30 ParrallelBox Dips
     Rx2: Tricep Dips
800 m Run

Rx(+): Weight Vest

0% 0%
1st15:23 2Amanda Sc Wed,Mar 13,2019
2nd16:48 2Rachel Pr Wed,Mar 13,2019
Spencer Boy Wed,Mar 13,2019
3rd17:54 2Erin A Wed,Mar 13,2019
1st15:12 +Dylan R Wed,Mar 13,2019
2nd17:10 +Justin Gro Wed,Mar 13,2019
3rd17:12 +Jimmy Wed,Mar 13,2019
Kamill Wed,Mar 13,2019

Amanda Sc15:23 Rx2 15 ring rows on box; rest with feet on floor
Matt Sp12:35 Rx
Jaron12:45 Rx2 RX 2.5 - Toes on the floor for box dips....RASTA, MAN!!!
Jordan19:51 Rx2 Feet on Box-Legs bent, Parallel Box Dips-Feet on floor
Haylie19:51 Rx2 ring rows - legs bent and feet flat; parallel box dips - feet on floor
Alma17:45  Bike for 4:00min instead of 800. 2:00 min for 400m.
Bryan T11:57 Rx
Amy L18:26 Rx2
Brian L18:38 Rx+ 20# vest
Christina M19:25 Rx2 All RX except ring row on floor instead of box
Judy H21:48 Rx2
Walt23:33 Rx2
Dylan R15:12 Rx+ 30# vest
Bill H19:14 Rx2 ran with 20lb vest
Justin Gro17:10 Rx+
Melissa L18:00 Rx2 RX except tricep dips
Kamill17:12 Rx+
Jimmy17:12 Rx+
Larry B18:08 Rx+
Spencer Boy16:48 Rx2 Finished 2 Miles, ROMWOD, and Pull Up Practice After
Rachel Pr16:48 Rx2 Rx everything except tricep dips.
Erin A17:54 Rx2
Mary Wahlstrom.23:57 Rx2 20# weighted best on run
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