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Friday Mar 15,2019

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CrossFit Open 19.4Other Posted Results

CrossFit Open 19.4

12:00 Time Cap
3 Rounds
  10 Snatches 95/65
       Scaled: 65/45
       Rx2: 55/35
  12 Bar Facing Burpees

Rest 3:00

3 Rounds
  10 Bar Muscle-ups
       Scaled: Pull-ups
       Rx3: Jumping Pull-ups
  12 Bar Facing Burpees

*Add 1 sec for each unfinished rep

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TodayAll Time

Erin A13:06 Rx 66 total reps; 7:22 tie break
Angie12:59 Rx 73 reps (7 BMUs) 5:01 tiebreak
Brian L13:04  2 BMU - 95# but burpees not to standard likely
Traci12:42 Rx2 snatch 65#
Toby12:20 Rx Games Score 112, 4:41 tie break.
WaltNFT  Separate Wods; 1st 12:02; 2nd 11:33; 35# sn, black band PUs
Justin Gro12:53 Rx
Matt Sp12:53 Rx 6:23 tie. 3 B.o.b. 1st round
Robert S12:37 Rx Games score 95. 4:51 tie break
Mary Wahlstrom.12:18  97
Sheridan12:05 Rx2 127 reps (5 burpees left)--all Rx except PU instead of muscle up's
Dylan R12:39  95# and BMU, but burpees not likely making standards
Lisa J99:99 Rx2 6:18 tbt...I had a lot left. Idk how to count that high.
Amy L13:06 Rx2 9:50 Finished 1st 3 Rounds RX weight, Never got to 2nd Round
Amanda Sa12:56 Rx2 Tie Break 7:50, 76 reps
Melissa L12:48 Rx2 84 reps. Tie breaker 7:20
Kamill12:55 Rx Games Score 77, Tie Breaker 7:16
John Ro12:22 Rx Games Score 110, Tie Breaker 3:58
Jeff B12:54 Rx 3:50 Tie Breaker 10MU+2BFB
Adam B12:38 Rx 94 Games score...Tie Break Time is 3:53-Redo Monday
Larry B13:06 Rx failed on the bmu
Kelly T13:06 Rx Never made it to the rig.
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