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Most Recent Benchmark was Deadlift 1RM on Apr 30,2019 (20 days ago)

Tuesday Apr 30,2019

Gymversary Leah C-1
ElizabethMax: Deadlift 1RM


For Time
21-15-9 reps of:
Cleans 135/95
     Rx2: 95/65
     Rx3: 75/45
     Rx Masters 55+: 95/65
Ring Dips
     Rx2: Box Dips  
     Rx3: Flash Push-ups
     Rx Masters 55+: Ring Dips

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TodayAll Time

Wendy B7:04 Rx2 65#cleans; box dips
Melissa M7:20 Rx2 65#, ring dips
Matt Sp7:09 Rx
Jaron5:37 Rx2 135 Barbell; box dips
Roy5:28 Rx3 135/PU
Amanda Sc7:15 Rx3 65#, 21pu rest box dips
Alma5:42 Rx2 65#, box dips ( first week back after 7weeks in boot)
Adam B6:23 Rx slow on dips
Paul G9:21 Rx2 135 bar and box dips
Erin A5:39 Rx3 75# cleans, box dips with foot support
CHouchins6:35 Rx2 75#, ring dips
Robert S5:51  155# cleans, push ups
Brian L11:23 Rx slow - still not fully recovered
Justin Gro7:00 Rx
Judy H9:34 Rx3 45#
Joan10:30 Rx3 125# DL 35# Clean
Mary Wahlstrom.9:25 Rx2 65#clean, box dips
Sandra10:30 Rx3 35lb
Walt11:33  55# CL; situps; too slow today
Dylan R9:30  225# DL / ring rows
Brittany D6:41 Rx2
Amy L8:14 Rx3 85# clean, Box dips
Robby G7:15 Rx
Sharon S.9:11 Rx3
Bryan T4:07 Rx
Elizabeth K6:27 Rx3 65# tri dips
Sarah S7:37 Rx3 75 clean; box dips with toes
Bill H7:37 Rx2 115
Jennie6:58 Rx3 55 lb cleans, pushups
Taylor Cof9:34 Rx3 95# cleans, box dips w/ some toe touches
Bryan C5:08 Rx
Dawn M8:29 Rx2
Abbey7:05 Rx3 75lbs box dips with feet on floor
Spencer Boy7:52 Rx3 #85 LB Clean and Tricep Dips
Russell P9:24 Rx
Andrew S6:28 Rx +20# vest
Kamill6:09 Rx
Jeff R11:20 Rx3 Rx3+ 95# cleans / supported box dips
Latrice11:20 Rx3 95# Cleans, push ups
Kate H11:23 Rx3 55# cleans; pushups
Jennifer Hea8:11 Rx3 55# cleans, push ups
Rachel Pr6:14 Rx3 85# cleans, tricep dips
Casey H7:58 Rx2 105#
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