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Thursday May 2,2019

Gymversary Dylan R-3
FT: BBJ, Pull-upsOther Posted Results

FT: BBJ, Pull-ups

10:00 Build up
1 Snatch Pull (Triple Extension)
1 Hang 1/4 Squat Snatch
1 Hang Squat Snatch

For Time
Burpee Box Jump 24/20
   Rx2: Burpee Step-up
   Rx3: Step-ups
   Rx2: Jumping  
   Rx3: Ring Rows

0% 0%
1st15:03 Rachel Pr Thu,May 2,2019
2nd15:20 Lindsey Gro Thu,May 2,2019
3rd17:14 Taylor Cof Thu,May 2,2019
1st8:10 Jeff B Thu,May 2,2019
2nd9:26 Bryan T Thu,May 2,2019
3rd11:07 Russell P Thu,May 2,2019

Jaron12:21 Rx Laaawwwdddddd...what a good one
Amanda Sc17:11 Rx2 bbj, jumping pullups
CHouchins15:23 Rx2 BBJ, 70# squat snatch,failed @75
Bryan T9:26 Rx
Brian L16:23 Rx Lungs getting there (125# PR Hang Squat Snatch)
Walt8:41 Rx3
Justin Gro13:24 Rx2 24' burpee stepups (hip)
Brittany D16:01 Rx2 burpee box jumps, jumping pullups
Larry B14:24 Rx 115# snatch complex
Melissa L19:14 Rx OUCH! 65# snatch complex
Lindsey Gro15:20 Rx
Taylor Cof17:14 Rx
Jeff B8:10 Rx
Dylan R16:03  30in bj 30-20-10....strict pu 20-15-10
Latrice15:08 Rx3 RX3 ring rows, step ups (30,20,10)
Kate H15:57 Rx2
Abbey13:17 Rx2
Spencer Boy13:08 Rx2 BBJ and JPU
Tom S14:48 Rx3 Rx3+ 20/15/10 half reps pull ups half reps jumping PU
Kamill15:18 Rx
Casey H14:35 Rx
Blake20:24 Rx Weight vest. 1•1 with my partner Ayelet!
Rachel Pr15:03 Rx
Russell P11:07 Rx
Russ18:21 Rx
Jennie15  Knee and shoulder hurting, did 100 situps and bike
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