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Monday May 6,2019

Welcome David Av
12 AMRAP: CINDYStrength: Split Jerks 5 x 2


A- Cross Body Samson Stretch
B- 2 Rounds
    50 ft 1 Arm Overhead KB Lunge
C- 3 Round Build-up
    3 Jerk Balance

Split Jerks 5 x 2

12:00 Amrap
1 Pull-up + 2 Push-ups + 3 Squats
2 Pull-ups + 4 Push-ups + 6 Sqauts
3 Pull-ups + 6 Push-ups + 9 Squats
...continue same foremat
*Score = Total Reps

RX2: ring rows

RX+: Weighted vest

0% 0%
1st258 +Angie Mon,May 6,2019
2nd251 +Lindsey Gro Mon,May 6,2019
3rd217 +Alma Mon,May 6,2019
1st333 +Jeff B Mon,May 6,2019
2nd317 +Toby Mon,May 6,2019
3rd303 +Justin Gro Mon,May 6,2019

Wendy B235 Rx2 Ring rows
David Av116 Rx2 started w2ith p/u ended with ring rows
Jeff B333 Rx+
Matt Sp257 Rx+
Haylie250 Rx2 ring rows, flash push-ups, squats; got to round ten, did sixteen squats
Melissa M223 Rx
Angie258 Rx+ 14# vest
Brian L239 Rx+
Melody184 Rx
Alma217 Rx+ With Vest #14
Robert S204  Pull ups, push ups, sit ups. In vest
Walt238  RR & SU
Justin Gro303 Rx+
Toby317 Rx+ 30# vest
Dylan R A lot of reps...30# vest..subbed ring rows for pu
Bryan T378 Rx
RussRx+ Into the 9
Melissa L223 Rx
Bryan C312 Rx
Lindsey Gro251 Rx+
Casey H245 Rx
Tom S188 Rx
Dean278 Rx
Erin A218 Rx cash out with vest 😳
Kate H235 Rx2 ring rows
Jennifer Hea234 Rx2 ring rows
Julie H202 Rx
Latrice225 Rx2 ring rows with weight vest
Kamill263 Rx+
Rachel Pr336 Rx s/o to Jeff B for the push💪🏽
Sarah S336 Rx2
Spencer Boy261 Rx2 18 Squats in Round 9. 1 Mile Run/Walk Cash Out
Results Posted: 32

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