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Wednesday May 8,2019

Happy Birthday Melissa L & Amonae


3 Rounds for Time
50 Pistols (alternating legs)
      Rx2: Air Squats
7 Muscle-Ups
     Rx2: Chest 2 Bar Pull-Ups
     Rx3: Jumping C2B
10 Hang Power Cleans 165/105
     Rx2: 115/75
     Rx3: 65/45

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1st18:40 Angie Wed,May 8,2019
2nd12:04 2Alma Wed,May 8,2019
3rd17:31 2Rachel Pr Wed,May 8,2019
1st13:58 Bryan T Wed,May 8,2019
2nd16:10 Jeff B Wed,May 8,2019
3rd18:08 Toby Wed,May 8,2019

Robby G22:42 Rx Most pistols I have ever done!!!!OOOFFFF!!!
Amanda Sc11:54 Rx3 air squats, jumping pull ups, 75# hang clean
Angie18:40 Rx
Jordan9:45 Rx3 55# Cleans, air squats, jumping C2B
Haylie8:07 Rx3 55# cleans, air squats, jumping chest to bar
Melody15:48  75# air squats pull-ups
Kevin W15:07 Rx2 115#, ctb, air squats
Robert S16:14  25 cal bike, muscle ups, 165# HC
Erin A15:23 Rx3 Rx2 air squats, Rx3 pull-ups, Rx 105# HC
Alma12:04 Rx2 C2B, 75#clean, air squats
Walt9:17  Air squats, RRs, 8'-BJ
Toby18:08 Rx
Bryan T13:58 Rx
Roy15:04 Rx2 Lunges, C2B, 165#
Jaron15:35 Rx2 165 cleans
Christina M10:50 Rx3 Air squats; pull-ups; 75# h-cleans
Melissa L23:41 Rx2 Pistols took forever;C2B; 75#
Sharon S.15;20 Rx3 65 hc
Brian L29:14 Rx2 RX Pistols & HC (2-BMU+5-C2B/Rnd)
Dean9:17 Rx2 all RX2
Spencer Boy9:48 Rx3 #75 HC; 50 Air Squats; 7 J2B (Vinyasa Class Before)
Rachel Pr17:31 Rx2 assisted pistols; 85# clean; C2B
Kamill19:36 Rx2 Sdt, 10 assist pistol , MU 165#
Jeff B16:10 Rx
Russ19:50 Rx2 30# squats, ctb, 165# hangs
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