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Thursday May 9,2019

Gymversary Ben M-5 & Joy P-3

FT: Run, TTB, Run

For Time
1 Mile Run
   Rx2: 800 m Run
   Rx3: 400 m Run
Rest 3:00
40 Toes 2 Bar
   Rx2: 50 Knee-ups
   Rx3: 30 Knee-ups
Rest 3:00
1 Mile Run
   Rx2: 800 m Run
   Rx3: 400 m Run

0% 0%
1st24:44 Melissa M Thu,May 9,2019
2nd33:57 Mary Wahlstrom. Thu,May 9,2019
3rd34:27 Erin A Thu,May 9,2019
1st22:31 Bryan T Thu,May 9,2019
2nd22:32 Adam B Thu,May 9,2019
3rd25:08 Larry B Thu,May 9,2019

Wendy B23:42 Rx2 as written
Melissa M24:44 Rx 1 mile 7:44, 2 mile 7:41
Amanda Sc27:25 Rx2 1 mile run (8:30); 7 t2b 43 kups; 1 mile run (8:25)
Matt Sp30:21 Rx Run w/ 20# vest
Jaron30:21 Rx Run w/ vest with my guy...MATTY ICE!!!
Brian L27:59 Rx Runs w/ vest
Bryan T22:31 Rx
Justin Gro25:15  2x2000 m row, T2B
Mary Wahlstrom.33:57 Rx !
Dylan R26:44 Rx 30# vest, 8:45 / 9:14
Bill H27:29 Rx w/ vest
Sharon S.18:00 Rx2
Robby G32:10 Rx Vest first mile, Rain most of the time.
Kate H16:52 Rx2
Adam B22:32 Rx w/ 20#vest
Melissa L34:45 Rx First 3 laps w/ vest then row thanks to downpour .
Dawn M22:56 Rx2 400m run & 400m row
Tom S23:40 Rx2
Blake34:12  Weight vest + 40 pull up no T2B
Kamill27:22 Rx w/ 20# vest runs n t2b
Larry B25:08 Rx run w/vest, 8:00/8:08 - Thank you Jason for the pacing
Erin A34:27 Rx 3/4 mile in 14# vest + rain + 500m row, T2B, 2000m row
Jennifer Hea21:13 Rx2 800m row, 50 knee ups, 1600m row
Brigitte23:34 Rx2 run and walk
Kevin W33:15 Rx 20# vest / second mile
Russ32:08 Rx
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