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Friday May 10,2019

Happy Birthday Russell L & Russ & Bryan T

BBA Qualifier

5 Rounds
2 Hang Squat Snatch
   Rx2: Hang Power Snatch

8:00 Amrap
50 Double Unders
     Rx2: 100 Single Unders
40 Handstand Push-ups
     Rx2: Hand Release Push-ups
30 Overhead Squat 95/65
     Rx2: 65/45

0% 0%
1st182 Angie Fri,May 10,2019
2nd277 2Erin A Fri,May 10,2019
3rd180 2Wendy B Fri,May 10,2019
1st185 Jeff B Fri,May 10,2019
2nd183 Adam B Fri,May 10,2019
3rd177 Toby Fri,May 10,2019

Wendy B180 Rx2 singles; strict hspu w/25#plate&abmat; 45#ohs
Robby G80 Rx2 DOuble unders are my nemisis!!! Rx Double Unders, 1 Mat HSPU
Angie182 Rx
Adam B183 Rx
Amanda Sc141 Rx2 double unders, push ups, 45# ohs
Matt Sp93 Rx
Toby177 Rx Strict HSPUs went away fast today
Robert S84 Rx
Alma48  no jumping. Started at strict HSPU, then OHS at 55#. Worked on TTB after workout
Christina M110 Rx2 DU; HSPU; 55# OHS
Bryan T115 Rx Not happy with that at all
Russ116 Rx2 Du’s, plates plus mat/hrpu, 95# sqwawt
Jeff B185 Rx 15 HSPU in second rnd, 185 H snatch 20 Lb PR
Casey H120 Rx2 Plate and mat hspu
Tom S290 Rx2
Kamill101  ugly HSPU
Erin A277 Rx2 singles, HSPU 45# plate + mat; 65# OHS
Dylan R135  singles, sHSPU, 135# FS
Larry B92 Rx2 some rx hspu
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