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Thursday Jun 21,2018

2017 Regionals: Event 1

For Time
1,200 m Run Buy-in
Then... 12 rounds of:
  4 Strict HSPU
         Rx2: Kipping or Plate + Mat
         Rx3: Push-ups  
  8 C2B Pull-ups
         Rx2: Pull-ups
         Rx3: Jumping C2B
  12 Air Squats

25 min Time Cap
Add 1 sec for each unfinished rep. 1 Round = 24 sec

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Wendy B26:51 Rx3 full run; strict hspu w/#25plate&abmat; jumping c2b; got to middle of 8th rnd
Amanda Sc25:37 Rx3 full run; l-sit 15lb db; pull up w/ green band
Angie27:48 Rx Strict HSPU until timecap (25# next to ab mat). Finished the workout after (not included in score)
Michelle S20:52 Rx2 did sit ups instead of pu. resting left arm
Joan27:48 Rx3
Kim B26:12 Rx3
Walt26:28 Rx3 1200 m run; 15# DB; 196 reps
M25:00 Rx walked 1200
Eddie25:00 Rx First time HSPU. 25 total. 1 rep 8th rd. 3 Rds C2B, rest box jump. All squats.
Sandra28:12 Rx3
Claudia26:54  Sit ups, row/walk
Toby24:30  100# box step overs, false grip ring rows, air squats (shoulder)
Judy H26:12 Rx3 9 full rounds. Half 10# half 15# DB
Scott Pa24:15  400 pose, 4 pu 15 lb db
Melody26:12  20#db ring rows 1 mile run
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