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Friday Jan 19,2018

EMOM: Emom12: DU, KBSStrength: Deadlifts 5 x 3

Emom12: DU, KBS

EMOM: Reps-Rx3
     Rx: 30 Double Unders
     Rx2: 10 Double Unders
     Rx3: 60 Single Unders

Odd: 12 Kettle Bell Swings
    Rx: 70/53
    Rx2: 53/35
    Rx3: 35/26

Perfect Rx score = 252 reps

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TodayAll Time

Christy252 Rx2 RX-DU(30),rx2 kbs 35#
Elle252 Rx2 all DU 35# KB
John B252 Rx2 53 lb + DU
Brian L98  53# KBS, DU’s (I sucked)
Russ252 Rx :)
Walt167 Rx3
Haylie432  18#kbs singles
Jeff R252 Rx
Robert S252 Rx
Toby252 Rx
Melody132 Rx2 10du alternated 35 44 kB
Justin Gro207 Rx DU's died in last 2 rounds
Sheridan252 Rx
Brittany W432 Rx2 Singles. 35# KB
Dylan87  roughly 87...70# and DU
Kim B432 Rx3
Alexis270 Rx2 15 DU
Emily Co132 Rx2 rx weight 53KB; 10DU
Kathryn432 Rx2 60 Singles
Josh S252 Rx
Spencer B252 Rx
Danielle B252 Rx3
Blake252 Rx
Lisa J252 Rx Thanks for the Push David!! Great job Blake!!
Kelly T132 Rx2 10 DU’s each round and 44# KBS
Tom132 Rx2
Judy H432 Rx3 Singles 26#kb
David F252 Rx3 Singles / 70# Lisa is strong! Way to go!
Larry B252 Rx
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