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Most Recent Benchmark was Deadlift 1RM on Apr 30,2019 (20 days ago)

Saturday May 18,2019


A- 3 Rounds
    Each 2:00  
    100 m Run
B- Hanging Figure 8
C- 10 DB Windmill
    20 Alternating DB Snatches
D- BB Drills
     Triple Ext
     Hi Pull
     Muscle Snatch

9:00 Emom
1 Hi Hang Snatch
1 Low Hang Snatch
1 Snatch

Battle on the Creek
10:00 Amrap
100 m Team Run
20 Tandem Alternating DB Sntches 35/25
       Rx2: 25/16
100 m Team Run
20 Tanderm Alternating KB Swings 53/35
       Rx2: 35/26
       Rx2: 26/18

0% 0%
1st149 Erin A Sat,May 18,2019
Traci Sat,May 18,2019
2nd146 2Mary Wahlstrom. Sat,May 18,2019
3rd130 2Kelly T Sat,May 18,2019
1st226 Bryan C Sat,May 18,2019
2nd160 Larry B Sat,May 18,2019
Zach Sat,May 18,2019
3rd226 2Russ Sat,May 18,2019

Mary Wahlstrom.146 Rx2 25#kbs, 35#kb
Traci149 Rx with Erin
Judy H146 Rx3 10#DB 18#KB with Kim and Mary
Kim B146 Rx3 15#DB, 18#KB with Judy and Mary
Erin A149 Rx with Traci
Zach160 Rx w/ Larry
Kelly T130 Rx2 20# DB Snatches, 35# KBS with Amazing Dawn!!!
Bryan C226 Rx W/ Russ
Larry B160 Rx w Zach
Josh S172 Rx2 35lb snath Wit Russ
Russell L172 Rx2 as written, Wit Josh
Russ226 Rx2 Not feeling a hundo p - so rx2 ...still slowin’ Bryan Cummins down even if he is detoxing.
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