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Saturday, Aug 19, 2017



3 Rounds
600 m Run
     Rx3: 300 m Run
21 Handstand Push-ups
     Rx2: Plate + Mat
     Rx3: Box HSPU
5  15 ft Rope Climbs
     Rx2: Body Pulls + Knee 2 Elbows
     Rx3: Body Pulls

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Chosen as WOD: Sat,Aug 19,2017
1st22:15 2Erin A Sat,Aug 19,2017
2nd25:12 2Ana Sat,Aug 19,2017
3rd26:32 2Elizabeth K Sat,Aug 19,2017
1st18:58 Toby Sat,Aug 19,2017
2nd21:12 Adam B Sat,Aug 19,2017
3rd34:20 Justin Gro Sat,Aug 19,2017

Erin A22:15 Rx2 as written with 45# plate and mat
Kim B21:10 Rx3 Body pull and k2e
Emily C26:39 Rx2 2 FULL RC/rd; 25#plate
Martha21:06 Rx3 600m run, box hspu, body pull knees to elbows
Ana25:12 Rx2 600m run, 1 rope climb
Leslie29:32  2 rope climbs; 45-25plate HSPU & 500m row each rd;
Toby18:58 Rx SHSPU
Justin Gro34:20 Rx
Adam B21:12 Rx break to much on SHPU and RC to much
JASIEL25:53 Rx3
Elizabeth K26:32 Rx2 45#+mat/3 rope climbs on the small rope
Larry B31:30 Rx2 hspu on 25
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Jeff R 3:56pm