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Tuesday Sep 18,2018

Happy Birthday Sarah T


5 Round For Time
     Rx3: 3 Rounds                              
400m Run
30 Wall Balls 20/14  
     Rx2: 14/10
30 Box Jumps 24/20  
     Rx2: 20/18    
     Rx3: Step-ups

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TodayAll Time

Amanda Sc35:18 Rx as written
Robby G35:49 Rx2 Rx except step ups, quads dead
Angie26:37 Rx
Kate B27:11 Rx3 row, 10# wb, 10in box jumps
Kim B34:45 Rx3 4 rounds
Walt22:45 Rx3 400-m row; big toe hurts
Claudia30:35 Rx3 200 m walk 200 m Row, 1 ft Box step ups
Sandra31:15 Rx3 1 ft step ups
Joan32:00 Rx3 18 in step ups
Mary Wahl.37:27 5 rounds Rx3 step uo 20 and 18# runwalk, 10# wb
Brittany D40:34 Rx
Eddie50:58 Rx Strict Rx
Jeff R37:05 Rx With my teammate Coach 'Kelly'
Kelly T37:42 Rx3 500m row, 14# WB, 20 inch box jumps
Justin Gro42:05 Rx
Heather31:10 Rx 4 months
Larry B33:20 Rx
Dean35:47 Rx
Josh S37:49 Rx
Brian L37:45 Rx
Melissa L40:05 Rx
Jason K43:32 Rx
Leslie29:51 Rx3
Sarah S31:43 Rx2
Emily Co33:50 Rx
Spencer P37:04 Rx2 20' Box Jumps; #10 WB; 400 M Run 5 Rounds
Lindsey Gro37:17 Rx
Elizabeth K36:30 Rx2 10# 20' step up
Dawn M34:10 Rx2 200m run step ups
Jeff P42:20 Rx2
Adam B29:44 Rx Thanks for the push John
Dee38:25 Rx tight lower back
Kamill28:10  5rd 20 cal per, step ups, 20lb wb
Joy P33:56 Rx3 10#Ball, 5 Rounds, 2 1/3 20#Box Jump
Latrice40:52 Rx3 400m run, 30wb#10, 30 stepups @5 rounds
Jennie31:24 Rx3 2 min bike, squats, situps (knee injury)
Toby30:34 Rx (Deload week)
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