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Saturday Apr 4,2015

Hero: Run, 10 Round CindyBS: 5 x 3

Run, 10 Round Cindy

Hero: Time-Rx3+
800 m Run Buy-in
Then... 10 Rounds Cindy
  5 Pull-ups                Rx2: Ring Rows
  10 Push-ups
  15 Air Squats
800 m Run Cash-out

Rx3: 5 Rounds of Cindy
Elite: Wear 20# if you have one

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Elisha15:40 Rx2 used rings,tried black bands
Ben M26:54 Rx 1\2 murph
Toby20:07 Rx
Angela W24:22 Rx
Melody24:49 Rx2 1/2 murph. Green banded pu
Amy L25:17 Rx2 1/2 Murph, grn bnd
Ariel30:00  1/2 Murph, grn bnd
Brittaney28:28 Rx Cashout 2 500m rows, 1:58 &1:55
Tristan21:45 Rx
Justin Gro21:17 Rx
Susan21:30 Rx2 Black and Blue Band
Larry B24:30 Rx
Javier14:26 Rx 10-20-30 rep scheme
Russell L29:16 Rx
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