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Wednesday Jun 24,2015

Happy Birthday Jennifer G
Competitor,Team: Tuff Stuff 2015 WOD 2ON-RAMP WOD #138Other Posted Results

Tuff Stuff 2015 WOD 2

Competitor,Team: Weight
2 Person Team
13 min Time Cap
Clean Ladder (Squat or Power)

-Each Team has 1 Barbell and a stack of weights
-The Team must start at 65# and perform at least one successful lift at each weight in the Ladder until highest weight is established by each athlete .
-Each Team member can select their own weight to start at.                                                
-Score is combined highest weight from each athlete.
-Each Athlete must complete at least 3 successful lifts from the Ladder.
-Athlete may choose to stay at same weight to complete mandatory 3 successful lifts
-If Athlete is unable to complete 3 successful lifts there is a 0 for that Athlete

Rx and Rx2 Ladder Weight:
75, 95, 115, 135, 155, 185, 205, 225, 245, 275, 295, 315, 335
Masters Ladder Weight  
45, 65, and continue with same weight from Rx Ladder...Masters have a 8 min Time Cap

0% 0%
1st260 Amy L Wed,Jun 24,2015
2nd190 Wendy B Wed,Jun 24,2015
1st520 Roy Wed,Jun 24,2015
2nd390 Sam W Wed,Jun 24,2015
3rd210 John B Wed,Jun 24,2015

Angela Wa260 Rx PR at 155; missed 165 but got under it; partners with Amy
Danielle Duk190 Rx with Wendy - me: failed at 100#
Wendy B190 Rx w/Danielle; each at 95#, failed at 100#
Roy520 Rx Me275,Josh245
Amy L260 Rx 105 Partner Beast Angela at 155#'s!!
Fernando360 Rx 145 pr
Danee235 Rx with Tammy
John B210 Rx 155 for me
Joshua520 Rx Roy
Tristan390 Rx W/ Sam
Tammy M235 Rx With Danee!
Sam W390 Rx 185 - me, 205 - Tristan
Tavia250 Rx 130 was my 1 rep max did 135 3X, Ally 115
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