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Monday Oct 26,2015

Happy Birthday Renee
3 Position Snatch 5 x 1Row, KB SwingMaurie Monday On-Ramp Team Wod #1

3 Position Snatch 5 x 1

5 Rounds
3 Position Snatch
  High Hang (From Triple Extension)
  Low Hang  (From Top of Knee)
  Floor Pull   (From the Ground)

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Wendy B55# Rx Rx2
Angela D55# Rx Rx2
Angela Wa75 Rx
Melody55# Rx Rx2
Anthony P75# Rx
Roy95 Rx
Elizabeth K25 Rx
Sam W95 Rx
Danielle Duk55# Rx Rx2
Ben M95 Rx
Alex P65 Rx between rx and rx2
Jeff B95 Rx
Kelly M15# bar Rx
Jared15# bar Rx
Tom S65 Rx
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