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Monday Aug 17,2015

NICOLEOn-Ramp WOD #146 - 1/2 MICHAEL


20 min Amrap
400m Run
Max reps Pull-Ups      
  Rx2: Strict Banded
  Rx3: Ring Rows

*Score is total number of Pullups
(note total of pull-ups each round in comment section)

100% 0%
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Wendy B36 Rx2 strict banded pu's; 400mX4
Scott Fo55 Rx
Danielle Duk42 Rx2 strict banded PUs
Angie66 Rx
Angela D45 Rx2 strict banded pu's
Larry B82 Rx 17, 15, 12, 14, 12, 12
Kyle N30 Rx
Toby106 Rx 31, 20, 18, 17, 20
Julie St70 ring rows Rx2 4 runs (4 band spu)
Ann L50 Rx2 row (plantar), banded then rings
Michelle S70 Rx2 ring rows - 1st day back since 2 major surgeries!! :)
Jayna50 Rx2 Ring rows, 400mx4
Susan41 Rx2 ring rows
Angela Wa97 Rx
Caleb18 Rx2
Tristan96 Rx
Blythe62 Rx2
John B56 Rx
Sam W35 Rx
Javier116 Rx with 20lbs vest
Bryan110 Rx 25/21/24/21/19
Todd H100 Rx 35/20/17/15/13
Todd L53 Rx2 band /sore shoulder
Shawn B33  Ring rows
Greg D65 Rx2 ring rows
Christopher B45 Rx2 Band. Run x 4
Amy L40 Rx2 2 red bands
Dennis B160 Rx
Ben M84 Rx
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